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Posted by aaronruslee on March 26th, 2021

invest in US shares from NZ - Here is a simple explainer on how to buy US stocks from New Zealand using Hatch Invest NZ. Hatch NZ is a simple way to buy US Stocks.

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How to Buy US Stocks from NZ using Hatch

The US stocks are the biggest in the world and for most of the world, it is beneficial for them to even attempt to invest or buy shares from the US stock market. This is a big win for NZ because though the US stock markets account for around eighty-five percent of the global investment market, the kiwis can never get their shares as it has always been too expensive.

In this article, you will receive some basic information on how Hatch can help you get investments and buy US stocks for a cheaper price. Now all you need to do is follow the guidelines.

What is Hatch?

Hatch is a Kiwi run digital investment company that offers US shares to kiwis at a relatable and profitable price. This platform makes it easier for Kiwi businesses to invest in US stock without getting through hurdles. This is a trading platform that has made it simple and easy to access the world’s biggest stock market by a click of a button.

Hatch Invest NZ

How to Buy US Stocks from NZ
Now, this is where the money lays, the actual reason for you reading this article. Below are some steps that will help you guide where you will need to go on the Hatch website to get the US stocks that you want.

You will need to sign-up and become a part of Hatch. For that, you will need to prove your NZ citizenship and ID.
Once you have been approved you can then start browsing through the different brands and stock market options available.
There is no minimum investment. Once you have decided which stock to invest in, even a little amount of money can get you its equivalent number of shares.
Know the timing of the US stock market so that you can tally with them when buying stocks
Once you have selected the shares all you need to do is pay the fee, which will be done through Hatch. Hatch offers you better prices than most banks so here there will be profit in your investment before it even starts.
Estimate the shares that you may get because if the price of the shares changed before your order is complete, you could end up with different shares.
Hatch offers a history report that you should go through once you have selected your shares, so you do not make a mistake.

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Location:- Level 1 Quad 7 building, 6 Leonard Isitt Drive, Auckland 2022

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