Chainmail Gloves: Cut and Puncture Resistance

Posted by freemexy on March 26th, 2021

Chainmail Gloves: Cut and Puncture Resistance

Chainmail gloves, also called chain mail gloves, butcher gloves or oyster gloves, are widely used for protecting users' palms against sharp objects. Traditionally, chainmail gloves are made of metal with no fabric. While presently, to satisfy customers' requirements, we can also produce chainmail gloves with comfortable leather lining. What's more, the new design gloves with flexible wrist strap and adjustable metal snap-fastener design can also fit for most customers' wrist and let the customers feel more comfortable. Chainmail gloves are often made of high quality metal rings which features cut resistance and puncture resistance. Thus, chainmail gloves are widely used as butcher gloves and oyster gloves.To get more news about chain mail gloves, you can visit official website.

How to choose the most favorable chainmail gloves?

Please measure the circumference of your palm area and length between your middle finger and wrist, then refer to you size, choose the most favorable gloves.
Go to a restaurant supply store and try some on or go to a hardware store and try on industrial/mechanics gloves and see which are comfortable.
Draw an outline of your whole hand. Send the width and length of your fingers, palm, wrist and send it to us before ordering and then we will give you some professional advice.
If you are going to use other gloves underneath, you should choose a little larger than your practical palm's size.

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