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Posted by Johny Dean on May 22nd, 2015

Many of us that are faced with the issue of building a driveway from the main road to our garage leave everything in the hands of a contractor. It’s actually a very good idea to go with an independent contractor that specializes in block paving Essex rather than doing things ourselves and doing something that’s actually a waste of resources. However, there are certain things that we should be interested in like the quality of the materials used for the driveway.

When it comes to building a house from top to bottom we need to take many things into account, from purchasing the parcel of land onto which to build to deciding how much space we’ll leave in front of the house, where we’ll place the garage and how long the driveway will be. Besides the design issues that will certainly come up, we will need to figure out which contractors offer us the best quality in both workmanship and materials used. If we’re having our house done by a certain contractor, then we may be inclined to work with him when it comes to our driveway and garden. However easy it may be to leave all these things at the hands of a single contractor, the fact is that we will have many more options if we choose to work with professionals that specialize in one area alone like building driveways Essex. The reason for this is quite simple: a single company that aims to offer a wide range of services will have to limit the scope of most services, focusing only on the critical ones. This means that for driveways it’s better to hire companies that focus on block paving Essex.

Even when we choose to work with professional companies that offer services like block paving Essex, we still need to figure out which options are best for us regarding price and materials used. The basic types of driveway materials fall into two categories: solid-surface, which result in smooth and even driveways and aggregate-surface. Asphalt paving might seem like the more obvious choice because, after all, we see it pretty much everywhere and there’s good reason for it. Asphalt is cheap to use as a material and is easy to clean in case of heavy snow. Furthermore, it’s less prone to frost heaves, unlike concrete, and it can be relayered for added resistance. Companies that specialize in the construction of driveway Essex will also give us other options worth considering like using cobblestone or tar-and-chip.

A cobblestone driveway is probably the more expensive option that we can make, even though it is generally worth the cost due to its obvious advantages over asphalt and concrete. Those that want their driveways Essex to look good and also be durable will certainly want to consider this option thoroughly. Generally, cobblestone driveways can be customized to our liking, as we are able to use slabs of different colors and create patterns with them. Depending on the quality of the slabs, they are more durable and easier to repair. If a slab cracks or gets worn, then we can simply remove it and place another one in. For those with a permissive budget, block paving Essex will be the ideal choice.

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