The Z-Factor That Enliven Your Interiors

Posted by randyjones on May 22nd, 2015

It is the culmination of X, Y and Z factors that bring out the best in a home. Interior decoration is a stressful exercise and is best left to the experts to take care of. There are many aspects to decorating your house. From choosing the right materials to combining the right colours, it needs someone creative and knowledgeable to infuse live into a decor. This is why some homes look clumsy even after showcasing the most exclusive items, while some interiors complain about a “missing thing”. If you have taken a trip to luxurious apartments or browsed through magazines, one thing you must have found in common – granite worktops.

Why interior decorators are so much in love with granite?

  • Granite offers a myriad of options in colours to fit into every contemporary and modern decor.
  • The latest granite worktops in London come with a variety of edge profiles adding flexibility in interior design.
  • Being a natural rock, granite has innumerable patterns. No two granite rocks look alike offering uniqueness in every slab.
  • Granite is resistant to scratches and stains. It is also sturdy making it a good choice for extensive use.
  • The templating and polishing of granite are done in a high precision environment using the finest of tools.
  • Granite tops add instant glow to a space whether used as a kitchen countertop or workstation.
  • Granite tops are often sidelined for their cost. Prefabricated granite worktops are much affordable and can easily fit into everyone’s budget. For bespoke finishing, the price may go up.
  • These rocks require less maintenance. Hence, interior decorators often choose to install them in kitchens, bars and restaurants.

With gorgeous styles and matching room decor, they add that “missing factor”into any space. Words and pictures alone cannot describe how granite is so distinguishing from other natural rocks. They look stunning and add value to your home.

Granite tops are often thought as the most practical and affordable choice because of its appearance and durability. Have you not envied your friend’s kitchen for that lavish black granite countertop? You are not the only one! Black granite tops have remained a favourite pick for decades and still ruling hearts. With little bit of maintenance, some of these granite installations can last a lifetime. Just make sure that you have chosen the right supplier for high-quality raw material.

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