Marketing Automation Agency: Strengthening Your Credibility to the Online Market

Posted by aqabatechno on May 22nd, 2015

In this web-centric world, gaining the trust of your online audience is of prime importance especially if you want the lion's share of the market. One of the most powerful tools brands use to achieve credibility in the eyes of the online majority is marketing automation.

What Does Marketing Automation Mean?

The term ‘marketing automation’ broadly refers to technologies and platforms designed to help businesses more effectively promote their products and services on multiple online channels online (including email, websites, social media, etc.) and automate recurring tasks.

Marketing automation can streamline your promotional functions. It not only helps you make sense of the bulk of online data you receive via different channels—it also allows you to create a logical profile of your audience so that you can understand them better. This makes it easier to formulate highly targeted marketing messages that effectively communicate to them. Marketing automation ultimately helps you drive conversions up.
Do You Need a Marketing Automation Agency?

Buying marketing automation software is one thing, but using it—and maximizing its potentials—is a whole different ballgame. This is why some of the most successful companies in the US today choose to hire marketing automation agencies instead of taking care of this task themselves.  

Digital channels are valuable sources of consumer insight and data that your business can act upon in real time. However, for automation to be efficient, this bulk of data must be sorted through and transformed into usable insights that can help you create a solid profile and lifetime value model for your customers. Here is where marketing automation agencies can step in.

Sorting through thousands and sometimes even millions of user-generated data and content definitely requires meticulous work. With the help of a marketing automation agency, you can have this steady mix and flood of leads (both inbound and outbound) processed automatically. Professional agencies have all the right tools to help you automatically warm, touch, and score each and every lead so that the right message can be sent out to the appropriate consumer at the exactly the right time. With this kind of power, you free up the hands of your sales team so that they can do what they do best - sell.

Your sales team is busier than ever, giving them less time to do important, routine tasks like tracking leads and updating ready existing ones. A marketing automation agency can help you educate, and keep leads interested, while they are in the purchasing funnel so your team has more time to focus on ready-to-buy clients.

About the Company:
Aqaba Technologies, established in 2004, is a Certified Google Partner and an independent digital advertising agency. They help businesses to navigate the new socially engaged web. Their services include web design & development, marketing automation, reputation management, PPC management, program management & search engine optimization services in Detroit, Michigan.

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