Importance of Admission for Nursery in Mumbai

Posted by Spring Buds on March 26th, 2021

Nursery education is the first step in a child’s education. What the child learns at the nursery provides a foundation that is important for the entire life of the child. This is why admission for nursery in Mumbai is very important. A parent needs to ensure that the child is admitted to the best preschool in Pune or Mumbai for nursery education.

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Importance of nursery education

Admission for nursery in Mumbai is the first step you take for your child’s educational journey. It is the first experience your child has with formal learning. Until this stage, the child would be learning at home. The child would not have experienced a formal classroom environment where he/she needs to interact with other children. Nursery truly lays the foundation for the future.

During the nursery course, the child would experience the following:

1) Formal classroom learning with a teacher and other students.
2) Learn basics of language, including alphabets, words, etc.
3) Start learning with basics of mathematics.
4) Play with other children and learn at the same time.
5) Learn to write.
6 Learn how to be disciplined, which is the biggest learning.
7) They also learn how to be independent.
8) The child learns how to work with other classmates, co-operate with them, share, etc., All this will be helpful for the future.

All these experiences at a preschool in Pune will help children grow socially as well as emotionally. They will start making friends, which will change the way they relate to others. These are life changing experiences and it is the nursery school that provides these experiences. There is also physical development through play and sport.

All these are very important for a child’s development. This is why nursery education is extremely important.

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