Does it work when you create free blog?

Posted by juliabennet on May 22nd, 2015

Are you looking for ways to express your ideas? Blogging is perhaps the best way to do this. The online community is the largest community in the world and if you manage to make your blogs popular online, anyone and everyone can go through your content. And for this you just need to create blog. One big question that you will face when creating your blog is – do you create free blog or do you create a paid blog?

There are hundreds of online platforms where you can create free blog. There is not a single cent you need to pay to these platforms and you can still share your ideas. You can create your online blog profile and attach your blog with your other social media profiles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn and others. The sites that you can use to create blog for free include blogger,, Tumblr and WordPress and so on. Creating your blog is easy and all you need to do is create your profile like you would do in any other social media site or when you want to create a new email ID.

Now let us come back to the original question – do you create free blog or do you create blog that is paid? The difference is simple. When you opt for a paid blog, you essentially pay for hosting services. The example below should clarify.

Free blog – A free blog will have the domain name included in your blog URL. For instance, if your free blog URL on WordPress is johnsmith, then the URL will show as

Paid blog – Using the same blog URL as above, a paid blog allows you to just have your blog name. In this case, the URL of your blog will be (or .org or .co or whatever you please).

To create blog that is paid, you don’t need to pay a lot. The paid blogs also compete fiercely and this is the reason they tend to offer excellent rates. What you need to do is compare between the different paid blogs and make your choice. Make sure you choose a blog that is moderately priced and has good visibility in the blogosphere. Otherwise there would be no one to read your blogs.

But then, should you pay for your blog. If you consider some of the best read bloggers in the world, you will find that many of them still use free blogs. Many of them are associated with the top blog sites in the world, but it takes time to reach this level. A great idea is to get started where you create free blog and then take things as they come. If you become a famous blogger, you should look to pay for your blog. You will make enough to cover the expenses.

As a newcomer to the blogosphere, it is always advisable that you first create free blog. Once you are settled, take a call as to whether you should create blog that is paid.

It is easy to create blog. But does it pay to create free blog or should you pay for one? The answer is with you.

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