The story when I decided to start my own blog

Posted by juliabennet on May 22nd, 2015

I want to start my own blog – this is one statement you will find many people make. And there are many who actually go ahead and use a blog website to create their space in the blogosphere. No harm in all this because one should use the blogosphere to express their ideas. Creating a blog is free and the more one writes, the more they reach out to the hungry readers in the blogosphere. But is this as easy as it sounds? Well, it depends on how you go about blogging.

When I decided to start my own blog, I got started by reading everything I could about blogging. I found out that less than 1% of the total blogs on the blogosphere have a significant reader base. This wasn’t surprising news for me because I have seen enough blogs to understand that most of them are not well managed. This largely means that the amount and quality of the blog content is not up to the mark. After all, who will visit a blog that has nothing to offer? So I learnt my first lesson – if I have to have a successful blog, I better focus on the amount and quality of the content.

Then I started researching about blog sites to figure out which blog website to use. Again, there are hundreds of free blog sites, but only a handful are successful. Some of the names that immediately come to mind are Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. And then there are those niche blogs that may not be hugely populated, but they cater to certain sections of the blogosphere. These blogs are successful in their own right.

I chose a free blog website to get started. I knew that I could pay to start my own blog but didn’t see the need to make the payment right at the beginning. This was when I was testing the waters of the blogosphere. I know I write well, but I wasn’t sure if my audience thought similarly. So, I decided to use a free blog site.

When I chose to start my own blog, I made sure that I used the blog website to create an excellent profile. My profile has all the relevant information about me. I also managed to upload an excellent quality profile picture to add more meat to my blog. And then I started publishing my content.

I chose a topic that I’ve dealt with throughout my life. This ensured that I could add points from my experience and wasn’t totally dependent on the other bloggers writing on the same topic. Each blog that I created was crafted with passion. I can vouch for this because I saw my reader base gradually grow. I also managed to market my blog through my social media profiles and soon the words started going around.

This is the story when I chose to start my own blog. As far as you are concerned, finding a blog website is easy, but the task is more challenging later.

I didn’t have difficulties when I decided to start my own blog. I only made sure I researched enough and got hold of a popular and free blog website.

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