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Posted by AdrianRocker on May 22nd, 2015

It is the duty of every car owner to take care of his or her car. Just like you need a spa day or some leisure time at a local club after hectic days your car also needs some kind of pampering. That is why you need to take your car to good car garages Lewisham, SE13 for its scheduled cleaning and other services. But, if that’s just the pampering part there is a necessity for it too. Every year you need to take your car for an annual check-up at MOT garages Lewisham, SE13 and get it tested. Read on to know more about the different checks and why it is important for your car to take the test every year.

According to the British law, every car aged three years or more needs to go for a MOT or Ministry of Transport test at any of the car garages Lewisham, SE13 that is authorized to conduct the test. The main purpose of the test is to ensure that your car is roadworthy and meets all the environmental and safety standards. Since you need to get it done every year from MOT garages Lewisham, SE13, you can keep a tab on your car’s health and its safety. An annual test helps you to find glitches or problem issues in a car and prevents it from increasing further.

Had there been no compulsory testing like MOT, some car owners wouldn’t have religiously stuck to the annual routine of getting their cars checked at car garages Lewisham, SE13. MOT testing is a great initiative by the British government to keep cars, the passengers as well as pedestrians safe. Moreover, the MOT testing also helps to keep a check on the emission levels of a car and prevents further degradation of the environment. Thus, the safety and environment standards form the building block of MOT testing. You will find a number of MOT garages Lewisham, SE13 in and around Lewisham. But, choose the one that promises speed, efficiency, professionalism and top quality services at affordable rates.

Before taking your car to MOT approved car garages Lewisham, SE13, it is important for you to have a general idea about the different checks that are done during the testing. With time, MOT testing has undergone amendments and now includes a long checklist for testing. The test procedure that all the MOT garages Lewisham, SE13 follow is for vehicle structure, tow bars, fuel system, exhaust emissions, seat belts and air bags, doors, mirrors, brakes, tires and wheels, lights, registration plates, bonnet, wipers, windscreen, horn, steering and suspension, batteries etc.

Thus, almost every part of a car is inspected in a MOT test. This in-depth testing pinpoints all the problem areas and ensures safety. That is why it is a must for you and other British car owners to get their cars tested annually. When your car passes the test, you are given a MOT certificate. In case it doesn’t pass, you need to visit car garages Lewisham, SE13 and get the car repaired for all the faults notified. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at one of the good MOT garages Lewisham, SE13 and get your car tested.

Apart from taking your car to car garages Lewisham, SE13 for scheduled servicing, you also need to get your car MOT tested every year. So, book for a test at reputed MOT garages Lewisham, SE13 to ensure that you car complies with all safety standards.

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