Role of modern technologies in modern-day parking

Posted by daisy lane on March 26th, 2021

Technology is changing every day. So it’s safe to say parking is also changing as technology develops. Smart parking was the solution to modern parking as it became difficult to find parking spaces. With increasing cars and more need for space for parking, it was time to ditch the old methods and make space for new technology like the Internet of Things(IoT), automation, self-driving cars. 

Imagine a time where smart parking wasn’t a thing, you want to go to a restaurant, you have made a reservation for 8 in the evening. You reached the restaurant on time but you have to park the car now and the valet said that the parking is already full and you have to wait or find some different place to park your car. And next thing you know for searching for a place to park your car you miss your reservation. This is the reason and among others, that technology was needed to be updated as people's needs. with the development of technology, people can find a parking spot virtually on the first hand, just like google maps show us the directions, we can also find the parking spot near our area which is available during that time period and its price so we can choose wisely. In smart cities, just like GPS, an automated system is built in a car that will communicate with other cars and will find you a parking place within a distance you need. 

With so much development in automation in recent time, human lives are more dependent on Apps. There could be a parking application too which can handle all the constraint of your parking, in most of the developed cities some kind of robotic parking system has been built, which helps to reduce traffic and fear of any kind of damage to cars. 

As soon as the car enters the parking spot it will be scanned by the laser and a notification will pop up on your application, in which your car's full detail will be shown and your car will be rested safely to the spot. When you need the car you just have to open the application and robotic machines will bring to you your car, a message with the total amount of time you parked your car will be calculated and a sum of money will be deducted from your bank account. This not only saves time but only charges people for the time their car was parked, sometimes saving money.

A smart parking system not only provides you with a space for your expensive cars but also keeps them safe from any kind of theft or vandalism. No one can use your vehicle without your permission even when it is parked at an unknown parking lot, an alert notification will appear on your app if any kind of intrusion is attempted on your car. 

Valetplz is an application that also provides people with the service of finding them a place to park a car in addition to a valet who not only will pick up your car from your place of choice but will also drop off your car at the place you want.

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