Why is physical education important in schools?

Posted by amar mane on March 26th, 2021

Children today take part in several non-educational activities. However, there are also several unhealthy habits that children have developed over time. Not only are they constantly addicted to gadgets such as mobiles, computers, and television, but there are also more varieties of junk food readily available that have made a child’s life more unhealthy. Children spend more time at home rather than playing outside.

Physical education classes are the solution to these lifestyle issues and play an influential role in keeping children fit and active. Physical education classes also help students develop confidence and competence, which can help them in life both in and out of school.

What is physical education?

Physical education basically means “education through the physical.” This aims to develop the child’s physical competence as well as the knowledge of safety and movement. It also helps develop the child’s ability to use these movements and perform wider functions that would ultimately lead to them living a healthier lifestyle.

Why is physical education important?

A good physical education program in school ensures that all students enjoy and succeed in some kind of physical activity. It helps the students develop a broader range of skills that allows them to use strategies, tactics, and new methods that also help them be more successful in school as well as at home.

Benefits of Physical Education

It teaches the child ethics.

One of the most significant benefits of having physical education in schools is that it teaches the students many ethical traits that help them thrive in this competitive world. They learn essential values such as perseverance and work ethics. These values are only strengthened when disputes arise during a game, and the child has to use the ethics he developed along with diligence to ensure that the dispute doesn’t reach dangerous levels.

Physical Fitness

In order for the child to have a healthy life, they have to be physically fit. This means that regular physical exercise has to be part of their daily regimen. It is also essential as daily exercise helps children and adults absorb the nutrients they get from food and keeps the heart healthy while developing muscular strength. We all know that it is difficult to convince kids to turn away from their gadgets, let alone persuade them to exercise. Hence schools like orchids international school in Mumbai take the initiative to include time for physical education within the time children spend at school.

Improvement in Academic Performance

Another surprising advantage of physical education is that studies have found it helps improve the child’s academic performance. Even just 10 minutes of jogging can help students solve problems 10% more efficiently. Exercise increases the flow of oxygen to the brain; it also results in increased brain neurotransmitters and Neurotrophins that allow the survival of neurons responsible for higher thinking, memory, and learning. The more the students take part in physical activities and sports, the more it boosts their learning in the classroom.

Social Interactions

Physical education classes are one of the few times when students get to meet their classmates and interact with them. This enables students to improve their social behavior. An added benefit of physical education classes is that students learn to cooperate with each other through different group activities. They even get a sense of identity from each other as well as from a team. Since humans are social animals, these social skills learned during physical education classes play an important role later in life. Taking part in team sports can also help students in their professional lives as it instills leadership, team building, and management skills that can last all their lives.

Reduced Stress

Children today go through a lot of pressure academically. While many schools give more importance to core subjects, this puts a lot of pressure on the student as they are expected to do well in all these subjects. What’s more is that although they spend numerous hours in school studying, they also have to go back home and complete their homework which means there is little to no time left for them to do anything else. They may not even have any energy left after a tiring day to think about exercise or play. Physical activity in school takes away some of the stress and anxiety students go through, making them more stable and emotionally resilient.

It gives the students a break

We all understand how tired and drained out we get when we are constantly working. Not only does it affect our work, but we also lose focus, and it takes us longer to complete tasks when they are monotonous. Kids, too, are susceptible to the same feelings and, like us, need enough breaks to rest and recuperate. When they are totally focused on academics, they may also require multiple breaks on the same day. This is where physical education classes come in useful. These classes help students break up the monotony. It also helps them burn off excess energy that they may have that caused boredom, leading to them not paying attention and fidgeting in the classroom.

Understand the importance of being healthy

Kids learn by example, and when adults give importance to physical activity, they will mimic the same. The PE teacher can usually act as a role model and help the students understand the importance of exercise and staying fit. Physical education also helps students learn the basics of exercise. Once a child starts enjoying physical education and sports, this habit will continue for the rest of their lives, and they will be healthy adults when they grow up.


One of the main elements of physical education is nutrition; the children learn the importance of nutrition as well as the key guidelines of living healthy lives.

Learn Positive Behaviour

When students play in a sport as a team, they learn to work well with others. This ensures that they know values such as cooperation and tolerance that they will need later in life.

Although several CBSE Schools have included physical education as part of their curriculum, it usually gets sidetracked when there is a rush to complete the portion or in case of any other events. At Orchids, the international school, we ensure that our students do not miss out on their physical education classes and spend all their time studying. We also ensure that the students take part in age-appropriate games and sports so that there is a more holistic growth of the student.

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