The Chemistry-Focused Technology Platform Is Optimized at Alfa Chemistry

Posted by beauty33 on March 26th, 2021

Alfa Chemistry, the US-located chemical supplier, has recently announced that it has finished the optimization work of its chemistry-focused technology platform, which enables the company to offer a comprehensive range of services such as synthetic chemistry, chiral separations, small molecule synthesis, peptide, nucleoside, fluorinated building blocks, milligram preparation, kilogram GLP scale-up, reagent service, and compound management.

Staffed with a team of experts and also equipped with sufficient expertise, Alfa Chemistry has already become a first-choice of various chemicals that are either commonly or rarely seen for customers, encompassing Boronic Compounds, Chemical Fluorescence Probe, Dyes, Fluorinated Building Blocks, Heterocyclic Organic Compound, Insect Pheromone, Ionic Liquids, Material & Chemicals, Metal Organics, Nanomaterials, Optoelectronic Materials, Organic Building Blocks, PEG linkER, Plant Extract, Precious Metal Catalyst, Single Crystals, Steroidal Compounds, Surfactant and more.

The advanced and flexible chemistry-focused technology platform is very helpful because it can make the following chemistry endeavors easier and more efficient.

Synthetic Chemistry

With over 10 years' experience in life sciences and specialty chemicals, Alfa Chemistry is prepared to complete any challenging custom synthesis task, including asymmetric Synthesis, and the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, organometallics, fluorous products, carbohydrates, polypeptides, intermediates and building blocks, stable isotope labeled compounds, impurities, etc.

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical characterization services are available for clients worldwide. Alfa Chemistry’s broad portfolio of analytical methods includes HPLC(-MS), CE, GC(-MS), FT-IR, NMR, XRD, DSC, ICP, particle size determination, and many more.

Separation Technology

The dedicated separation service team at Alfa Chemistry offers SMB (Simulated Moving Bed), SFC (Supercritical Fluid Chromatography) and HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) chiral purification services at scales ranging from milligrams to hundreds of kilograms to metric tons, with efficient project management and expedient project turnaround times.

For more information about Alfa Chemistry’s metal catalysts recovery and refining service, please visit to learn more.

About Alfa Chemistry

As a professional and reliable supplier of building blocks, reagents, catalysts and reference materials, Alfa Chemistry is a preferred choice of partner for many universities, research institutes as well as other organizations. Its broad range of product offerings cover heterocyclic organic compounds, boronic compounds, optoelectronic materials, organic building blocks, fluorinated building blocks, steroidal compounds, precious metal catalyst, material & chemicals, metal organics, nanomaterials, and more.


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