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LMIA is Labour Market Impact Assessment that is a requirement for a Canadian work permit application. However, a lot of people are unaware of what an LMIA is and how it could have an impact on eligibility to get a job in Canada. With 84,00 new job opportunities listed in October 2020 alone despite the looming effects of the pandemic restriction on the economy, Canada has bounced back and is making a swift recovery.

What is an LMIA?

An LMIA is a document that is given to employers who can show that they have not been able to fill key jobs by Canadian citizens or permanent residence. An LMIA allows Canadian employers to hire skilled and unskilled foreign workers granted they are also admissible to enter Canada and qualify for a work permit.

  1. Truck driver

Average salary: ,825-,903

Canada’s key industries, such as the agricultural, minerals and metals, oil and gas, and forestry sectors are all heavily reliant on Canada’s transportation system, and with the industry growing at an incredible rate, it’s no surprise that truck drivers are one of the most-in-demand LMIA jobs in Canada today.

Truck drivers are in demand in almost every province in Canada, some of which even have dedicated Canada immigration streams for experienced truck drivers with Canadian work experience. In general, you will need an LMIA to get a work permit for a truck driver’s job. But due to dire need, the government has allowed Canadian employers to hire workers without an LMIA.

  1. Farm Supervisor

Average salary: ,939-,286

Canada’s farming industry is booming especially in the animal production, grain, horticultural, and aquaculture sectors. The sector is responsible for over 2.3 million jobs in Canada, and the need to fill more positions continues to grow. This is part of the reason why there are so many dedicated immigrations and workstreams for skilled agricultural workers such as the Agri-food Pilot, Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, Atlantic Immigration Pilot as well as various PNP streams.

  1. Software Engineers

Average Salary-,596-2,000

Tech jobs will always be in demand in Canada, as the country is widely renowned as being one of the leaders at the forefront of technological innovation. The tech sector provided jobs to just around 1 million people in Canada with cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa ranking in the top 20 for emerging tech talent in North America. The tech Labour force has been traditionally dominated by artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity and software development, which is the reason why your profession is key in Canada.

  1. Construction Managers

Average Salary-,240-2,000

Jobs in construction are plentiful in Canada, particularly in provinces such as Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan which are all provinces that are not only listed as construction managers as in-demand under their Provincial Nomination Programs as well as some of the largest development programs planned in the years ahead. New developments are predominantly found in the residential sectors as Canada prepares to provide enough accommodation for the 1.23 million people that will be invited to apply for permanent residency by 2023.

  1. Oil and Gas Drillers

Average Salary: ,394-3,594

Canada has an abundance of natural resources, with its mining sector creating more than 1.7 million jobs for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and skilled foreign workers alike. Canada has the four- largest oil reserves in the world and exports energy resources to 148 countries around the world.

Oil and gas drillers are particularly in demand in Ontario and British Columbia and if you apply through one of the immigration programs such as the British Columbia PNP or the OINP, you won’t be required to have a work permit as you will be granted permanent residency should you receive the coveted provincial nomination worth a massive 600 PR points.

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