The Big Questions Pertaining To Gestational Surrogacy That You Must Know

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Becoming a surrogate mother is an irreversible process and is not easy for many women. If you have decided to become the one, it means you are a lot more generous in nature and you know all the questions pertaining to the same as it comes with a bunch of responsibilities till the delivery of the baby.
Your current health state

Are you in a sound health to carry a baby?

Do you have a history of some chronic disease or diseases? Do you smoke or not? Do you intake any illegal substance with or without anyone’s knowledge? All these questions are extremely vital as if you are not healthy, there might be health risks to the baby waiting to see the light of the world. There is always a risk of seizure during pregnancy if you have high blood pressure. Emphasis is also given to ensure than the intended surrogate mother has a body mass index (BMI) of less than 35.

Financial condition – Stable or Shaky

It is very important to make sure that your decision to become a surrogate mother has to do least with your existing financial condition. However, equally true is it is not good for you that you remain stressed over the matter of finance during your pregnancy days. If your financial condition is not good, wait for the right time when it get improved as only a healthy and emotionally well person should be opt for becoming a surrogate mother.

Kind of support you have

Family support is necessary to have a smooth gestational surrogate pregnancy as you will need support both physically and emotionally. You must have the facility of someone near you who can assist you in travelling to fertility clinic for regular medical check-ups and can boost your enthusiasm all the way.

Comfort ability to disclose personal history

You must know that you need to undergo through rigorous screening tests by the experts and this may involve asking your personal history too like do you take any illegal substance, number of abortions if any in past as well as whether you have any sexually transmitted disease or not. Your mental state is also evaluated by a number of questions and all the efforts is only made to ensure the well being of both mother and the baby you will carry.

There are certain age requirements too and you must have at least one child of your own.For more information please visit Illinois Surrogacy

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