Why Should Indian Parents Invest In Their Children’s Future Through Education In

Posted by amrina alshaikh on March 27th, 2021

Why Should Indian Parents Invest In Their Children’s Future Through Education Insurance Plans?

Children have great dreams about their future and wonder about their contribution to society. Children have many aspirations that want to be fulfilled in the future. It is up to the parents to put the right foundations for their children by purchasing the child education policy in India. The multifaceted talents of children should be nurtured and developed, to make them compete with the bright minds of the Western culture. It is not an exaggeration to state that education is an amazing tool for the personal and professional development of the child.

Parents see the meaning of their lives through the achievements made by their children. Indian settings are inclined toward the educational nourishment of the child. Even children, who want to excel in sports and other vocational skills, should display a strong knowledge base in their academic curriculum.

In today’s modern world, where artificial intelligence and machine learning are displacing talented humans, it is imperative for today’s young generation to constantly upgrade itself with the tools of learning. A child education policy in India is the answer to the prayers of determined parents who want to see their children achieve the pinnacles of success.

Let us go through some reasons as to why Indian parents should immediately invest in a child education policy:

The increasing cost of education:

Education has becomes a precious commodity, which means that it is governed by the dynamics of market supply and demand. Corporate schools are fleecing the parents in the name of education and there are also hidden costs that are not visible in the original deal.

This can cause heavy financial strain on the existing finances of adults. Coupled with other commitments in life, any shortage of money can hamper the education schedule of the child. The cost of modern education can be effectively hedged by buying a child education policy in India.

Modern education institutes are charging a kaleidoscopic range of fees from parents in the name of school picnics, online learning, books purchase, and technology equipment. Since these tools are a necessary appendage of the traditional education schedule, the parents need to set money aside. The high cost of education is an undeniable fact and only with the help of incisive financial planning can parents complete their responsibilities.

Large Returns for Small Investments

Investing money consistently over some time can lead to increased final pay-out. This financial corpus will definitely alleviate the financial burden when it comes to school and college education. In a way, buying a child education policy in India is not only about securing the interests of the child, but it is also a sound investment decision that can inculcate financial disciple in the child from an early age.

Say No to Loans

Taking loans from banks can be a tricky issue in the education sector. The outcomes of the child's education in the form of a well-paying job cannot be taken for certain. If that is the case, taking educational loans can set off a twin negative effect on the child's future, by burdening him with repayment of the loan, even when they are looking for a job.

Parents must be wary of shouldering added liability by taking loans since there are also existing loans like housing and car loans that need to be serviced. A child investment plan is a wonderful plan that disables the pressure that parents feel when they are contemplating a secure future for the child.

Tool for Protection of your Investment

A child insurance plan is a harbinger of dual protection in the form of insurance and investment. Certain child education plans in India incorporate the premium rider, which enables the policyholder to continue the insurance plan without the need for premium payment, in case something unfortunate happens to him or her.

This virtually sets your child for life even when you are not around to see. This child education policy plan has a calming effect on adults, as it absolves the stress of thinking about meeting the requirements of the child.

Tax Benefits Galore

Isn’t this a great option? By purchasing a child education plan in India; you get tax refunds from the government. Child education policy in India only ranks second in importance to the birth certificate of the child. This policy helps your keep your hard-earned money for yourself by making sure that the government cannot touch it. Child education policy in India is the best investment alternative when compared to equity and deposits, as the latter can be applied with capital gains tax.

Parental responsibility gets its first main test when the question of child education insurance policy is covered. Parents need to make a wise choice that perhaps was not made for them when they were kids. Buying a child education policy in India protects your child and family from the vagaries of an intensely competitive world.

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