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Posted by KeelyCarey on March 27th, 2021

Toys For Children

This is probably the time your kids are off school or some schools have stopped because of the COVID situation. Parents, therefore, have to find activities in order not to make your child bored, sure enough, many of you may be tired of having to find toys for your child, let your child use a smartphone or tablet to play instead. Very wrong It will make your children more interested in the online world than in the real world. And today we offer "Developmental toys" Which this toy will enhance learning for your baby as well It also increases the senses that help children stimulate learning as well. The benefits of toys, toys, they are many. Help relieve boredom It helps to increase the commitment of children. If playing mission toys, do jigsaw puzzles by word, today we've put together a collection of developmental toys so they can have fun and learn all at the same time. Let's take a look at what kind of toys will be right for your child at BabyToys101.

Children with mobile phones Is it dangerous?

Of course, everyone has seen news of imitating children's behaviour, from games, media, pictures, videos, to fighting This is due to the events that brought her parents phone or smart phone to take their children to learn, instead of actually toys for children under 2 years of age should not use electronic devices. This includes smartphones, TVs, computers, etc., or in growing children. Should limit the playing time each day should not exceed 2 hours. Parents should play together, talk to face each other, should not have smartphones in the bedroom. Should find games that promote vocabulary building, help in learning mathematics. Scientific concept And learn the language Avoid non-aggressive games. There is no use of fighting force and hurting each other because it is easy to imitate behavior.

How to choose developmental toys to suit your child's age

Newborn - 6 months

Newborn to 6 months is a time that should help develop basic skills for the child. Both vision, listening, and muscle movement The right toys should be toys that catch the child's eye, such as contrasting pictures, or dolls and sounding toys, such as sounding dolls, music boxes, toys that rattle or squeeze sound. To promote the use of hands and fingers for gripping things.

Children 6 - 12 months

At this age is the age when children begin to have itchy gums. Parents should choose a cognitive-stimulating toy, such as a different teether, and choose a toy that helps train the leg muscles. Focusing on tug toys, soft balls, or large wooden blocks, a simple drop box is a great option for strength training in small muscles.

2 years old child

For 2-year-olds, parents should choose toys that help develop limb muscles. Helps improve balance by choosing a push or tow type toy. For the promotion of thinking and intelligence Geometric drop box To practice observing and learning colors Various geometric shapes, a picture book, plasticine, dough is fine.

3 years old child

Toys For Children

As for the 3-year-old children's toys, the focus is on the musculature and sensory toys such as rocking horses, tricycles. If you want to improve your thinking skills, you can choose to buy.

How are you? For advice and knowledge that we have given you today. We hope everyone will be able to apply the knowledge that we have given you to choose products for your baby And do not forget to buy developmental toys to match the age of the children too, so that he can grow according to his age.

How are you for the developmental toys that we have introduced today? We hope that everyone will be able to choose products that are suitable for your baby. It is important to be careful in use every time. Do not let children put toys in their mouths. Absolutely not to lick or suck Because toys may have dirt on them And after the play, parents should wipe it clean and keep it neat.

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