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Posted by Khaja Taiyb Mohiuddin on May 25th, 2015

There are many benefits to using a dual monitor setup for work, entertainment, or gaming. Using dual monitor arms makes it easier to set up a workstation that improves your productivity and your visual and depth perceptions. Dual monitor arms can enhance your work space and eliminate the need to cram all application windows in a single, cramped space. They let you maximize the space on your table, too, so you can have more room for a larger keyboard and additional devices and peripherals, like a graphics tablet, gaming pad or arcade stick, mice, and external storage devices.

The right dual monitor arms must be easy to install, ergonomic, and versatile. A desk mount dual monitor arms will make two monitors float above the desktop. You can easily and quickly adjust the position and height of the monitors, and position them side by side or above the other. Consider a product with an adjustable wing bracket for a simpler way to rotate the monitor. Some rotators will allow a full rotation or swivel the monitor up to 180 degrees. Look for a spring-assisted monitor tilter for added motion.

Cable clutter can affect the overall look and neatness of your workstation. The best dual monitor arms come with a cable management system. Some even allow you to thread the cables through the arm, so you can achieve a cleaner and organized workspace. For a neater workspace, consider dual monitor arms with minimal hardware, which is visible from the underside.

Dual monitor arms are either wall or desk mount. Your choice may depend on certain factors such as space, the interior design of your office, and the size of your desk. A wall mount might be better if you prefer to create the illusion of a more spacious room. Wall mount dual monitor arms provide a stable means to position two monitors. Just make sure that it can provide more range in motion for a more comfortable view.

Look for wall mount dual monitor arms that will allow you to tilt and swivel the screens. Consider additional features like anti-theft screws, too. Some wall mount monitor arms can provide smooth fingertip tilt in multiple directions and 360 degrees of monitor rotation. Cantilever arms can provide a 180-degree lateral rotation and full extension for flexibility, and a nesting arm lets you fold the display parallel to the wall for a low-profile look.

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