Dakota Alert System: Durable, Dependable and Versatile

Posted by Khaja Taiyb Mohiuddin on May 25th, 2015

Security is always a serious concern when you think about the possible dangers that could happen to you and your property. Crime can occur when you least expect it, so it pays to be vigilant all the time with the help of a high-quality alert system. Dakota Alert makes some of the most reliable, durable, and versatile alarm systems for homes and commercial use. The company itself is known for surveillance and security solutions, which include the latest wireless alerts to keep your property prepared and safe.

Dakota Alert's products can improve the level of security and safety of your premises and meet your standards. The MURS radio and module range makes it easier to communicate and monitor over remote locations. MURS and MURS radio systems are useful for people who are often out and about, such as outdoorsmen, sales staff, and security guards. Consider a Dakota Alert MURS HT kit, MURS BS Kit, or a MAPS BS kit for an all-in one solution, and purchase an additional transmitter to expand the coverage area of the security. The MURS BS and MAPS BS kits come with a base station transceiver and a transmitter, and they are recommended for fixed locations like offices, shops, and offices.

Many of Dakota Alert's security systems are easy to install. The wireless mailbox alert is a good example of this. Place the sensor on the door of your mailbox and adjust it with a swivel sensor. Each time someone opens the mailbox, the alert sends a signal to the receiver (which you can set up to a maximum of 1,000 feet away). The sensor runs on a 23A, 12 volt battery.

Dakota Alert also offers a reliable driveway alarm that can detect vehicles passing within 10 to 12 feet. You can bury the probe parallel to your driveway and run the buried cable to a post or tree nearby where you can install the weatherproof transmitter box. The WPA-3000 is reliable and will not deliver false signals from a passing large animal, like deer.

Another notable Dakota Alert product is the DC-1000, wireless doorbell you can mount outside your business or home. It can play any of the 16 different tunes for a more personalized way to determine if someone is at the door. You can assign up to four different push buttons with a single base, so it can play different tunes to help you distinguish which zone has been activated. Four indicator lights can immediately help you pinpoint the active zone.

Dakota Alert security and alarm systems are available online. Look for an authorized retailer with a reliable online ordering service to be sure that you’re getting authentic and high-quality Dakota Alert products at competitive prices and backed by the manufacturer warranty.

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