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Posted by Khaja Taiyb Mohiuddin on May 25th, 2015

Innovative is one of the leading manufacturers of mounts and arms for flat panel monitors, tablets, and notebook computers. Its monitor arms enable users to save space and have a better and more comfortable view of the screen. The space-saving and ergonomic Innovative monitor arms have been recognized for their design and for their versatility in both home and office settings. The brand’s products have fulfilled the needs of the most demanding clients, too, including IBM, NASA, and New York Stock Exchange.

What Makes Innovative Monitor Arms a Great Choice?

Monitor arms must be durable and capable of supporting the monitor to keep it steady. The Innovative 7500 deluxe flat panel radial arm with a 27-inch reach can support a wide range of weight capacities, from 2lbs to 44lbs. Its vertical range can be adjusted +/-9 inches or vertically for 18 inches. Most Innovative monitor arms are retractable, so you can fold them back when not in use. This way, the monitor will not get in the way when you have to use the workspace for other activities.

FLEXmount option is a great feature in Innovative monitor arms. It lets you choose the type of mount that is best for your workspace. Desk edge, grommet hole, side bolt, reverse wall, wall mount, and thru-desk are some of the mounting options that you can consider. Innovative monitor arms come in different colors and materials. Black is the basic choice that goes with any setting, or you can consider white and silver if you prefer a more stylish or sleek design.

How It Moves

Innovative's 7flex single LCD monitor arms use a gas system to enable smooth movements and accuracy. The high-performance and lightweight design is meant to suit any basic office environment. You have the option to rotate the screen up to 360 degrees for easy viewing, as long as the monitor's weight is within 4lbs to 15lbs.


Innovative's Innovation

There are monitor arms that you can use to mount two flat screen monitors on top of the other. A monitor, which is using the Innovative 9112-D-FM one over one dual LCD mount, can be positioned independently of the other. The foldable arms are adjustable vertically up or down the 28-inch pole, and the arms can fold in three inches of space and extend out to 14 inches. There is the option to hide the cables under the forearm extensions, too.


Custom Solutions

Innovative can customize monitor arms for special needs, too. This way, you can get a custom solution that can meet the unique requirements of your workplace. Get in touch with an authorized retailer of Innovative products online, so you can view the options and order the right monitor arms. Choose from the existing database of monitor arms and mix and match parts to achieve a custom solution for your personal needs or your business.

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