Easier Medical Billing and Credentialing

Posted by Lauren Lau on March 27th, 2021

Medical Billing and Credentialing Made Easy

“There just has to be an easier way to perform our billing and credentialing.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I’m tired of dealing with insurance companies!
  • I got into healthcare because I wanted to focus on patients, not paperwork and red tape!
  • I’d rather do without having to hire and train billing staff.
  • I’m ready to say goodbye to frustrating phone calls with insurance companies.

If you’ve had to perform your own billing and credentialing, you know exactly what we’re talking about. 

For any number of healthcare practices, in-house billing and credentialing is an unpleasant, yet necessary, chore. This is about to change.

From Miami to Phoenix, Washington, DC to Cleveland and Detroit and cities in between, Medwave is prepared to provide your healthcare practice or facility with the most efficient medical billing and credentialing services available.

Based in the Pittsburgh region, Medwave is recognized as a premier supplier of billing and credentialing services in the region, but we’re ready to offer our experience and know-how to healthcare providers based elsewhere.

In addition to those mentioned above, we’re also prepared to provide billing and credentialing services to healthcare practices, hospitals, testing labs, and other such facilities in Charlotte, Louisville, Tampa Bay and Philadelphia, as well as our neighboring state of New Jersey.

What can Medwave offer healthcare providers such as yourself?

First and foremost, we’ll take the confusion out of billing

For many physicians, the most anxiety-producing part of their job is handling their insurance payments. Moreover, as the billing process gets more and more complex, physicians and other healthcare providers see less and less revenue coming in.

We are a partner in getting your practice the money you’ve already earned. We’ve learned how to quickly generate clean and correct claims so that insurance reimbursements show up faster. This means, as a prime example, that Philadelphia medical billing is made easier and more efficient. 

We Reduce Medical Billing Errors

There’s no denying that healthcare is an ever-changing industry. For example, Miami medical billing rules and regulations are constantly changing and keeping up with all the variations can be rather time-consuming. This is even truer if you only have a few persons doing all the billing tasks. We’ve heard accounts from small practice Tampa Bay medical billing professionals concerned with the increasing number of changes. 

By employing Medwave, you won’t have to stress about all the rules and regulations changes. We’ll make sure our billing staff is always up-to-date on the latest changes, making it more likely to experience less billing errors that hold up reimbursements.

We Shrink Claim Denial and Rejection Rates

Denial management is an essential factor for healthy and successful cash flow. In the revenue cycle, timely follow-up, recognizing and effectively handling denials plays a crucial role. Cleveland medical billing experts tell us that high rejection rates are a constant drag on cash flow.

At Medwave, our experienced and proactive denial management team maintains close tabs on rejections and denials, acting quickly to revise any errors and making sure your claim gets paid in an appropriate manner. In addition to Cleveland, we invite the fellow Great Lakes City and their healthcare providers to consider a Detroit medical billing service.

That’s because they recognize that we have the know-how to evaluate and deal with reasons for rejections and, where doable, resubmit claims for reimbursement.

Likewise in North Carolina, we offer a Charlotte medical billing service.

Accounts Receivable is Indispensable to your Cash Flow

If it’s interrupted because of claims denials, payer guidelines or other matters, we’ll investigate and sort out the problem, ensuring your practice optimum cash flow. Keep in mind our goal is to take the financial pressure off you. 

We’ve talked to some Phoenix medical billing consultants about how important cash flow is in today’s economy and how we can help. There’s little doubt in our minds that Tampa Bay medical billing, credentialing consultants agree with this notion.

You’ll see a Reduction in Overall Costs

A number of New Jersey medical billing practitioners have discussed how the decision to outsource medical billing and credentialing to a third-party billing service has led to a dramatic cut back on overall costs for many practices. It’s because of the right mix of skill, experience and flexibility that allows a billing service such as Medwave to accelerate your revenue cycle. Let us help you put a lid on expenses.

You can Rest Easy with Transparency you can Trust

Youi don’t lose control of your practice by outsourcing to us. Allowing Medwave to manage your billing doesn’t mean you’re out of the loop. We offer the best of both worlds: Our highly proficient in-house team of experts handles your medical billing while you maintain full transparency into your practice’s financial performance. It’s this transparency that has convinced Louisville medical billing authorities to give us consideration as their medical billing service.  

We also help to pinpoint financial opportunities so you can drive practice revenue while we fast-track your billing processes and collections.

We’ll make sure you’re HIPAA Compliant

By law, medical billing services must conform with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). Any confidential patient information needed for coding claims and billing must be protected at all times, both at rest and in transit. 

Washington, DC medical billing professionals are especially on top of HIPPA rules.

At Medwave, we constantly educate ourselves on the complexities of HIPPA and the consequent regulations. A constant quality assurance program makes sure our team is constantly on top of the ever-changing billing rules.

We Drive Patient Satisfaction

The primary objective of every healthcare provider is to furnish quality medical care to all its patients and, in turn, acquire patient satisfaction and trustworthiness. Patient satisfaction is vital to attracting new patients and maintaining established patients. 

By using Medwave, the streamlined procedures promote patient’s satisfaction and trustworthiness for the healthcare provider.

Philadelphia medical billing, credentialing authorities, among others, have examined the importance of patient satisfaction.

Medical credentialing: Equip Your Healthcare Practice

The medical credentialing process is a systematic approach to collect, record, review and verify a healthcare provider’s professional qualifications. These professional qualifications are reviewed and verified carefully and include such items as the healthcare provider’s training, license to practice, certifications or registration to practice in the healthcare field and background checks.

Poor, or no credentialing, is one of the biggest mistakes made by any medical entity. Becoming credentialed with insurance companies can be a formidable process, but that lack of credentialing will result in denied claims, which means no revenue until the claims can be rebilled.

Just ask Cleveland medical billing, credentialing professionals about the consequences of poor processes. Phoenix medical billing, credentialing experts share these concerns.

As you can see, healthcare credentialing management is a critical function for hospitals as well as individual and group practices. It not only helps protect a provider from potential lawsuits, it’s also a way to ensure that medical practitioners are qualified to do the job they’re being hired for. It’s actually a safeguard to protect patients by providing qualified, high-quality healthcare providers.

For the healthcare provider, however, the process of medical credentialing can be a nerve-racking task. With the millions of medical practitioners currently working in the U.S., along with the average practice length of about 40 years, insurance panels are becoming crammed and are slow to accept new medical providers into their network.

Miami medical credentialing experts are among those that have experienced this slow-down in the credentialing process.

Bid Goodbye to Downtimes and Lengthy, Arduous Credentialing

Our credentialing team helps group practices, healthcare organizations and independent medical practices to credential effortlessly with federal, private and workers compensation payers. 

We do so by providing the same benefits as described for billing to include a reduction in application mistakes, a savings in time and a reduction in paperwork, and an overall decrease in operating costs. 

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