Best and Easiest Ways to Monetize Your Android App

Posted by Aaeesha on May 26th, 2015

There has been a craze in becoming an app developer these days. And why not, it is one of the most lucrative jobs that people can rely upon to not only work in a dynamic environment but also earn a huge income. If you have learned how to write an Android app, well you have possibly done the best thing given the increasing smartphone and other mobile devices market worldwide. There are people who give away their apps for free without any monetization. If you want to follow the same path, it is cool, as everyone loves a free app. However, if you want to earn a return on your investment in Android app, you need to put some extra effort on coding and marketing.

There are different models you can follow for Android app monetization, including free with ads, paid for, and more.

Free app with ads

This is one of the easiest app monetization models to generate income, but it is not the most effective one. Here, you will give free apps for downloading anytime and from anywhere and post an advert in the app to generate revenue. When a user clicks on the ad, you get paid. But, the truth is, not every user clicks on your ad and so there is no assurance that you will earn a huge income via free ads. It is purely your luck that if more people use your app, more they see your ad and the greater is the chance of tapping the ad! It all depends on the popularity of your app. For a simple banner ad, the click through rate or CTR is very low. A full screen interstitial fetches more CTR, interactive videos and polls where the user have to click on the correct response helps in getting higher CTR.


Another great Android app monetization technique is“freemium.” You can give free Android apps to download and use, but they will also offer the users to buy things like virtual currency or extra levels for easy upgrading in games. In this way, you are offering free apps, but at the same time providing premium content! To develop Freemium, you need to have smart developers who create appealing apps for grabbing the eyeballs of potential users who will then be compelled to invest their real money for various in-app purchases.

Paid apps

Many Android users love to buy apps, so it is a good app monetization model. To download a paid app, you need to have a bank account with Google. Once a person downloads and installs your app, you will get paid for the app. Some of the top paid apps are Minecraft, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Asphalt 7: Heat, and more.

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