The Real Meaning Of Holidays

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

The holiday season is a wondrous and magical time to bring in good cheers, joyful tidings and fun-filled celebrations. It is a time when family, friends and loved-ones get together and celebrate the general good feeling and timeless traditions that mark this season. Sparkling decorations, melodious Christmas songs, delicious meals, delectable cookies, satisfying chocolate and milk concoctions and pretty stockings filled with goodies and gifts seem to fill every household as each welcome the holiday seasons to their midst. Mistletoes are found in every nook and cranny for sweethearts longing to share a sweet kiss, parents grant their beloved children with tender hugs and wondrous gifts and everybody wears that enchanting, one of a kind smile that welcomes the holiday spirits.

Stressful Holidays:

There are more to the holidays than meets the eye, though. With the number of gifts being exchanged during the holiday seasons, it is no wonder that although holidays can be fun and cheerful, stress is something you cannot avoid completely. The holiday season prompts the retail sector to seek various methods of increasing their sales and this account for a lot of people to mill about the stores, malls and shopping depots all over the country. Too much people moving about and the lack of parking space when going out shopping can really dampen the holiday spirits and put some people in a bad mood, much like Scrooge, a Christmas character (whom we can talk about in another article!) feels during this time. Peak season for retail stores usually start at the beginning of each winter season and ends with a much publicized winter sale or clearance sale at the start of January. Stress becomes a regular visitor during the holidays, indeed! And what about the various preparations needed to celebrate the holidays? You go out and buy the Christmas tree, decorate your whole house with Christmas ornaments, prepare the food for your family and guests and of course do the cleaning up after. Sometimes, if you really think hard, Christmas season is as tiring and as stressful as all the other holidays put together!

The Real Meaning:

But is the holiday season really a time for celebration or stress, or is it more than just a mere season? If you really look at it, the holiday season is not just for celebrations, decorations and gift giving. Christmas is a time for giving the best gift in the whole world and that is love. This powerful and stirring emotion has been pushed so much into the background of the celebration even though this very much is the reason why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. During Christmas, we celebrate the birth of our Savior, the one who sacrificed his life because of his love for us. Wouldn?t it be more significant if we learn to live our lives like He did and share our love with others too especially during the holiday seasons? Helping those in need and sharing your love to the unfortunate persons would surely make your holiday more meaningful than ever.

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