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A finest solution to terminate your pregnancy is “Abortion Pills” or “MTP” (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) kit sanctioned by FDA to end an early pregnancy. Exerting abortion pill to end an unwanted pregnancy is known as Medical Abortion & the course includes no use of surgical apparatus or instruments & nor risk of anaesthesia in any manner you will face. Abortion Pills are found safe & simple to employ emergency execution medicine, which are prescribed for the female who desire to cease an unwished pregnancy holding minimum 7 to 9 weeks of pregnancy. The abortion kit embraces 2 set of active pills called Mifepristone & Misoprostol, which gives a simplest and easy solution for getting the early pregnancy terminated. Female can purchase this mtp kit online to effortlessly uphold privacy during the course as it can be practiced at home without involving any second person in the process. MTP kit or abortion pill kit aids end the early pregnancy holding 49 days of pregnancy. Female can purchase MTP kit online anytime from the site called abortionpills.co in a cheapest price.

NOTE: female are advised to exercise the Abortion Pills prior ending of 9 weeks pregnancy. Above 9 weeks will probably need involvement of surgical process. It has been advised to exercise 1 MTP Kit prior of 7 weeks of pregnancy & 2 MTP kit if proceed above than 7 weeks of pregnancy.

Abortion Pills and its role

Abortion Pills (MTP KIT) embraces Mifepristone & Misoprostol pills.

1)   Mifepristone:-

Mifepristone acts as anti-progesterone way that aids in facilitating the procedure of termination. The role includes concluding the live fetus by averting the run of oxygen & other nutritional aspects hence slaying the expansion immediately.

2)   Misoprostol:- 

Practice of Misoprostol outcomes with banish of the dead fetus away from the female body in the form of tissues & blood. Purchase mtp kit online to comfort the conduct of the process perform at one’s home & uphold privacy, but are needed to practice the medicine prior completion of 63 days / 9 weeks of gestation (pregnancy).

Abortion Pills-Dosage layout

The emergency sachet embraces 1 pill of Mifepristone & 4 pill of Misoprostol. Practice of Abortion tablet is very easy & safe as it can be taken alone without involving anyone. Make sure that you consume the medicine within 7 to 9 weeks of pregnancy.

1)   Mifepristone pill :-

The pill of 200mg has been advised to practice initially. It is advised to exercise orally. Mifepristone intake is vital for real case of pregnancy termination.

2)   Misoprostol pill:-

The pill of 200mcg is independently prescribed as secondary drug & can be practiced either vaginally or through mouth 1 or 3 days afterward. The consumer is needed to exercise a complete 4 pill orally (200mcg x 4). The consumer is needed to practice it orally by situating the drug in the tongue. One must not chew, crush, mash the pill, and take it completely with ample amount of water. After post practice go to the doctor to confirm whether you have got the pregnancy terminated or not. This should be done within 14 days of time.

Abortion medicine Precautions

During the period of abortion female are asked to restrict having alcohol practice & smoking. Female must practice Abortion tablets prior completion of 9 weeks or 63 days of gestation. As going beyond of that period, need to consult the doctor prior consuming this abortion pill kit. A female are asked to run the dose according to the prescribed manner without missing any of the dose or exerting any of the dose wrongly. The complete guidance of the doctor is mandatory to hold. One facing any of the health concerns going longer or severe, rush to consult the doctor soon. One may probably get a bleeding normal or severe while getting the fetus aborted through this abortion pill. If in case you get the bleeding harsh consult the doctor.

Negative outcome

One may experience the normal side-effects such as bleeding, slight stomach cramping, head pain, exhaustion, weakness, vomiting, giddiness, etc.


Store the pill below normal temperature of the room completely reach from the range of heat, moisture, sunrays and kids. Better option is to fix it in the box and keep so that it could get prevented from dampness.

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