How To Change Control Process Flow?

Posted by KeelyCarey on March 28th, 2021

Change Control

How many times have we heard or witnessed other areas of the company speaking badly about IT? As for example, the financial area that is unable to approve its credit software because IT did not provide the environment, or the logistics area, which hired a new employee and when he / she arrived to work did not have the machine installed and configured. These are similar cases that make IT the biggest enemy of a company, but is it possible to change this?

IT Governance is a series of measures and process that must be done to ensure that IT supports and maximizes in a correct way all the strategic business objectives of the company, and with this, they are able to bring values??to the services delivered, minimizing all costs. risks to achieve a return on investments made in IT.

As you can see in the explanation above, one of the key points for making a correct IT Governance is knowing how to support the entire technological environment. And this environment is not just used by IT, but by the entire company. So what must be done to be able to support the entire company?

We must prepare a change control sop process flow plan with all the steps that we are going to follow, present to all areas, discuss all the benefits, etc. It is certain that we will have those areas that will not want this change, but it is only up to us to explain clearly and objectively all the benefits that these changes will be bringing to the company as a whole.

Details on How to Change Control Process Flow

Change Control

After communicating and having the entire company as our ally, it is time to think about governance in small pieces. This makes it easier for us, as we must make sure to do one or two perfect processes, rather than risk doing five or six anyway.

As a first step, we must think about Service Support. Today the entire company needs to be supported by IT, and we as Governors must ensure that this occurs in a safe and correct manner. Below we will indicate what must be done to have the entire company supported by IT.

Configuration Management

Why should this process be the first rather than an area that serves users, such as the Service Desk?

We all know the importance of having a central that is the single point of contact for the entire company with IT, but what is the point of having an area that serves the company if it does not have any records and information base? Because of this, we will start with the Configuration Management, which is the main foundation of all other processes, because it is there that we will have the record of all the information of the technological environment, and these records are called Configuration Items. We must register information such as software, hardware, documentation, processes and people so that our Service Desk can perform its function correctly.

Service Desk

After we have all the records made, we should be concerned with creating our Service Desk. This area will be responsible for being the single point of contact with IT. For example, if the HR area has an IT-related problem, it should contact the Service Desk to register the incident, after which it is the Service Desk's job to resolve or move the incident to the second level of service. The Service Center must always keep the requesting area informed about the status of the occurrence, this makes the other areas feel comfortable.

Incident Management

As we now have our single point of contact with the other areas of the company, we need to have a process that manages all occurrences that the company opens for IT to resolve. For this, there is Incident Management that has the basic function of restoring normal service, effectively or palliative, with a minimum of interruption to minimize impacts to the business areas.

Problem Management

Many incidents are resolved only palliatively, because what matters at the moment is to leave the entire technological environment working, but we must not leave the palliative action permanently. And it is for this reason that the Problem Management process was created with the objective of minimizing any interruption in the IT service to solve problems in the technological environment. The problem process is formed, most of the time, by people with advanced technical knowledge, as they are the ones who will meet and discuss what should be done so that that incident is no longer repeated or that that palliative solution is definitively corrected.

Service Level

Even though the service level process is not part of Service Support, but Service Delivery, it is one of the most important processes to support everything that the technology area is developing and / or supporting. Imagine what would happen if the Marketing department opened a call and started charging the status every 15 minutes? Our Service Desk would be crazy just answering what is happening with the calls, and it is because of this that the Service Level was created, which is a negotiation cycle made between all areas to have a deadlinedelivery for all demands supported by IT. The terms are determined according to the degree of impact on the business. For example, if we have a Marketing demand that points out that the application used by the area is not working and we have another demand that points out a fatal error in an application used by the entire company, we can conclude that the service for the application used by the entire company will be faster than the Marketing app.

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