How to Choose the Right Smartphone

Posted by dunitzsantrino on May 27th, 2015

Choosing a smartphone is a big challenge as there are a myriad of smartphones are out there. With so many options, buying one that has all the features that you look for within your budget is a tough task. This guide will help you make your decision with ease.

Fix your budget:

These days, smartphones become increasingly advanced and so as the cost. The first thing you have to decide is your budget. It is important to stick to your budget as well. The latest addition to the smartphone arena, Okapia mobile, is a budget smartphone with high end features. Being a sister concern of Ookayama Company, the new Okapia Bangladesh mobile manufacturing brand has launched latest mobile handsets to quench the ever changing trends of smart phone users.

List out the features:

The purpose of smartphone varies with the user. Some users may use it for just calling and texting whereas tech savvy wants to harness its advanced features. So, identify the features that meet your purpose. Some users give priority to larger screen resolution, camera, app functionality while some users look for battery life, call quality. So, prioritize your uses and list the features you want.

Select the OS:

Getting the right OS is another important criteria. It depends on what you want to do with your smartphone. The Android OS is the best choice if you want to download a lot of free apps. If your purpose is to stay connected all the time, the Blackberry is the ideal choice. Of course, if your favorite brand is Apple, then iPhone would be your choice. Depending on your use, choose the operating system.

Plans and carriers

The market is flooded with smartphones and the new arrivals like Okapia mobile make smartphones become cheaper. Choose the right carrier. Before choosing a company, ensure it has the best coverage in your area. A smartphone can be a great gadget only if it can be connected easily to the web.

Guarantee and Warranty:

Ensure to know the guarantee and warranty periods and terms. It is important to know the replacement policy as well.

Experience it.

Before purchasing your smartphone, check out its features in person. Test the quality of the camera by clicking some pictures. Check whether the keypad is comfortable. If it’s a touch screen, check its responsiveness. Check the audio and video quality.

Most of us might use the same phone for at least next 3 to 4 years. A lot of new manufacturers like Okapia Bangladesh literally help making your life easier with their budget friendly handsets. So, ensure to choose one that meets your purposes and is perfect for you.

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