Cafeland and Other Great Restaurant Simulation Games

Posted by Mckinney Kaspersen on March 28th, 2021

If you are an older gamer, you are probably incredibly familiar with Y8. On Y8, you will find tons of the most popular arcade games that the internet has to offer. Y8 is also widely played during the height of its popularity because players do not need to pay in order to play. The second probable reason is that the games are literally addicting. They take up a lot of your time and once you start playing, challenging yourself, and getting objectives, you really want to play more and more. One of the most popular genres on the website are restaurant simulation games. If you want to play the genre but do not know what game to choose, then we have got the perfect article for you. • Cafeland – There is really one main goal in Cafeland and that is to create the best possible restaurant in your city. What makes Cafeland better than other restaurant simulations is you are the actual owner and not just a server, clicking as fast as possible to meet customer demands. In Cafeland, you will be climbing your way to the top as a restaurant owner. Chef Eva will be your trusty guide in this awesome journey. You will be a small business owner at first, but if you are able to manage it well, you will immediately see the results of your hardwork! What makes Cafeland great is also the fact that there are dozens of food to choose from and to serve. • Food Street – Food Street is similar to Cafeland in some ways but it is a 3D game. What makes Food Street great is that the game is not time limit based, where players are pressured into cooking and serving food in a specific amount of time; creating a sort of reaction based game. In Food Street, your main goal is not to serve as fast as possible but instead to fulfil the expectations of your customers in making the best restaurant ever. • Restaurant Paradise: Sim Game – For SimCity super fans, this game is for you. Much like SimCity, this one is akin to the world-building qualities of the beloved game franchise. What makes Restaurant Paradise: Sim Game even more unique is the fact that players can also conduct events like food fairs. • MyCafe: Recipes & Stories – What makes MyCafe constantly stay at the top of restaurant simulation games is its storyline. This game is great for players who love reading and following a specific plot.

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