Carving Knife: The Most Versatile Knife for Your Kitchen

Posted by everten on May 27th, 2015

When shopping for kitchen knives, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the wide variety of choices that you can find online. You might feel inclined to purchase a set of knives with more than six pieces or purchase one of each knife that is suggested in the store. If you’re like most home cooks, however, then you need a few key knives, one of them being a carving knife.

The carving knife is a great investment because it is very versatile. It is larger than the typical kitchen knife, and it is easily identifiable because of its straight edge. The absence of a curve and a serrated edge makes it capable of slicing easily through meat with minimal friction. Hence, it can cut cleanly and easily against the grain, even when you are slicing at the table.

Carving knives are used for carving slices of meat from chicken, ham, lamb, turkey, pork, and beef. They are 21 to 38 centimetres long and they have a wider and shorter blade than a conventional slicing knife. A thinner blade enables the carving knife to cut meat in thinner slices. The versatility of a carving knife makes it easier for you to cut through meat when standing over the meat. Meat slices should ideally be six to 12 millimetres thick.

A carving knife is versatile and can be used for cutting different types of food, like cold meats and fish. You can use it to prepare meat for a stir fry dish, too. A carving knife can be made of different types of materials. High carbon stainless steel is the most durable material because it can properly hold an edge. With the right care and maintenance, forged high carbon carving knives can last for many years.

A carving knife's brand can be an indicator for quality. Some of the best manufacturers and brands of carving knives are Dexter Russel, Scanpan, and Tojiro. You can buy an individual knife, or for more convenience, pick one that comes with a matching fork. Get a high-quality carving knives set if you want an easier way to slice meats. A carving set with a carving knife and a matching fork can be an excellent house warming or wedding gift, too.

Durable carving knives can be sharpened or honed when you feel that its sharpness had been reduced due to constant use. Like many knives, a carving knife can be sharpened using steel or stone. Sharp carving knives will cut more tender slices of meat and are safer to use than dull knives.

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