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Instagram Stories is a versatile medium that can be conveniently used by small companies to create authentic marketing that innovatively communicates with their clients.

They are fun, imaginative, building your brand, generating loyalty, building an affinity with your fans, and finally gaining more followers. All you will have to get interested in a computer, which makes it a cost-effective option.

Instagram Stories is an informal way for local companies to market themselves, their goods, and deals in a fashion that does not feel pushy. And it is great for demonstrating the people and enthusiasm that make the company tick.

It would seem like an intimidating medium that is being used in an ultra-polished and regimented way by major brands like Starbucks. Although the genuine attraction is the honesty it brings.

In a way that no other social media channel allows, it takes you closer to your audience and future clients. Have it correctly and regularly execute it and you will see success. It is one of the rare outlets that appeal to win for both loyal customers and brands!

What are the posts on Instagram?

Stories on Instagram are not a recent thing. As a means of competing with Snapchat Posts, Instagram launched it in 2016, and it succeeded. Millions share every day and 1 billion active daily users on Instagram, with 33 percent of those posts being reported by companies. Stories are a compilation of pictures and videos that can be applied during the day.

This acts like a reel of video images appearing in a slideshow format-the consumer swipes from one to the other. After 24 hours, one-story fades.

During the span of those 24 hours, Instagram needs you to capture your favorite times, give users a wart, and all eyes on what is going on in your life. 

On top of these pictures and images, Instagram's super user-friendly app helps you to add doodles, text, and hashtags.

A familiar sound? It's a lot, a lot, a lot like Snapchat Posts, plus few additional characteristics that make it more enticing as a business marketing tool.

Adding hashtags and places to your posts will also massively improve your exposure in the Explore tab of Instagram, more on that later. And if you are especially proud of a post, you can save it on your profile page as a highlight.

It may appear like any material you create is lost in the chaos of the millions of story-making people, but there are plenty of strategies that will make you stand out in your niche.

Why can Instagram stories be used for small businesses?

It's a cost-effective way to convey brand messages in a casual, conversational, and innovative way to your clients and community that can help you stand out from your rivals.

You can do it all with Instagram Stories for small companies, whether you want to post fun and lighthearted content, support a marketing plan or drive revenue.

Efficiently, the feature helps you to gather a lot of content in one place without persistently bombing the streams of your followers with photos. Without annoying people, the effect is that you can bring out a lot of content.

Instagram Stories should sound like a playful addition that blends with the remainder of your social media if you have a content plan.

Where do stories show on Instagram?

They will show with a ring around your profile picture at the top of your followers' feed. Tap on it and your story will open, tap again and your story will skip to the next photo or video. If you keep pressing, after your story has concluded, it will pass to the next story.

If you add locations or hashtags to your posts, the material will appear under the Explore tab of Instagram.

Tap 'search' and then type in your location or tag. At the top of the search, a list of recommended stories will appear. This could theoretically open you up to a wider audience.

How to Share a Story on Instagram?

Like all Instagram material, it's pretty easy to construct a post, but if this is your first time, it might seem a little full of features to start with, so here's a simple step by step guide:

  • Start on the home screen and swipe to the right or tap the button on the top left of the camera. This takes you to the frame.
  • You can effectively go one of two directions from here: take a picture or video or pick one from the recent images of your phone.
  • Tap the icon in the lower-left corner of the screen that looks like your new image to pick a recent picture.
  • If you pick a photo from over 24 hours ago, it will immediately appear as a sticker on the day it was taken. To get rid of it, you should drag it down to the image of a bin on the right.

On either side of a large button, you'll note some keys. Here's what they're doing:

Thunderbolt: Sends a handy flash to you

Arrows: Turn the camera around in front of you

A smile: These are the face filters of Instagram (wonder where they got the idea)-they are better deployed when you take a video when they pass about and look cool in general. First of all, they are best tested-most involve the camera facing you and you'll get guidance on what to do. It is doubtful that you would use these too much if you are using Instagram to promote marketing posts, but they are worth having fun with and giving your followers a more playful look at you!

Also, you can find the bottom choices that you can drag the screen to enter. Here is what they are doing:

Type: This is what to go for if you only want words on a clear backdrop. This is handy to incorporate a call to action or to break up the story's photos and videos. Tap to type, and then tap the font at the top to pick between New, Typewriter, Solid, or Neon when you are finished. By clicking the button on the bottom left, you can get different color choices for the background. To make it smaller or drag to make it larger, tap and drag text across the screen and use your fingers to pinch it.

Song: Press this and you'll have a list of tracks to select from to set the music video to music in the style of You should click play until you select the track and move it around the screen to choose where it starts from. Then, to film a video of music playing in the background, keep down the big button.

Live: What it means on the tin, exactly! Tap to start a live video that sends a message that you have gone live to your followers. Your video will be added to your story when you are finished.

Boomerang: To record a boomerang video, tap this (a short video that plays and then rewinds).

Focus: Tap for a photo and hold for a video that focuses on a face (like your own) to give you a slick professional look while cleverly blurring the context.

Superzoom: So sound effects are wanted for everyone. Keep the big button, and when filming as a film, the camera will continually zoom in on whatever you focus on. The more you keep it, the longer it zooms. Here's why it's ingenious-you'll see a music icon in the center of your screen before you start recording/zooming-tap that to select between sound effects and filters that kick in when you start shooting. Entertaining!

Rewind: Film a video as you usually would, expecting it to appear in reverse when you add it to your plot. Like Boomerang, except the 'rang' just.

Hands-free: Press this and you can start a video without keeping down the big button, allowing you to turn while you film between the front and rear-facing cameras.

Your stories will come to the top of your followers' feeds, but by clicking your profile image, it will still be available on your profile page.

By swiping up when watching your narrative, you will find out how well your Instagram story performs. This will indicate the number of people who have seen each picture or video in your post, as well as the names.

What Instagram Stories are worth-posting?

The question of a million dollars. There is a multitude of material that you can share, deciding what you imagine your potential users will be linked to. Any suggestions are listed here:

Behind the scenes

Stories strip back the glossy layers of conventional ads and give an honest, straightforward look at the brand. This goes back to being genuine.

That could be a snapshot of your working day, a product coming together, or a time-lapse of an experience you are having, and it appears to be what customers want.

Let your fans feel like they are part of an exclusive club and have a relationship they don't have with your rivals with your brand.

Launching of teasers

Huge companies will use all the strength of Instagram to promote a new product, but now there is a justification why a small company should not.

You could be a hairdresser with a particular model, a new sandwich cafe, a hotel with freshly furnished rooms, or a new beer bar.

Create hype and buzz in the days leading up to the launch with a regular story, and then go all out on the launch day with loads of updates.

Before a product launch, Nike is a master at generating anticipation, so much so that it builds hype for its latest marketing campaign using Stories: for its new products:


Thanks to the 24-hour window, one of the most popular ways of using stories. Build suspense with a day-long flash deal, either instructing people how to enter your story (e.g., telling them to upload some sort of illustration to enter), or pushing them to your website's entry form.

You would not be allowed to take advantage of the 'swipe-up' function that directs the user to your website until you have 10,000 followers, so add the competition URL on your profile.

Well, how-to Guide

Recipes, product demos, parenting tips, DIY manuals, life hacks, how-to guides are a perfect way to develop your brand loyalty and give your audience value.

The more attention you offer, the more customers who come to you will come back. The way Instagram Stories travels with a tap from one screenshot to the next makes it a great step-by-step reference tool and performs very well as highlights.

Alternatively, host the how-to guide on your website and use Stories to tease users to read it.

Blogging Activities

Live blog the experience with photographs and videos of your guest to generate a feeling that everyone else is losing out! You are having a lecture or an open day or a theme party.

It is also an excellent way to expose your material to a wider audience than your members.

The Q&As

Take a deep breath before doing this one, because you never know what you are going to find, but brands get answers they are happily surprised by in the vast majority of situations, no matter how mysterious they may be.

Try to start a story by asking questions and suggestions on Wednesday and then run another story on Friday, which is a video of you answering.

You will be shocked by what people want to hear and how many suggestions for a product you will get out of it. 

How to use Instagram Stories to connect with your followers?

Use Stories to create conversations and demonstrate your connection with your clients.

The Shoutouts

Do you have faithful clients and fans who you wish to publicly thank or posts that you have found that you want to highlight? Try some crying.

Choose a post you want to highlight and tap on the paper aircraft-you will see an 'append to story' alternative.

Use stickers and texts to express your thanks and apply them to your story. Tap it and the message will show as though you were adding it to your story.

Designate a 'shoutout day' and establish a sequence of them during the day, or just incorporate them regularly. 


You are a sandwich shop trying to decide what tomorrow's deal for the day will be. The night before, run a survey on Instagram Stories (the polls are on your stickers), and then launch the next day it will still be in the 24-hour window by combining the winning sandwich ingredients with a shot of yourself.

If you have 10,000 fans, you should run a poll, use the 'questions' sticker otherwise (you will need more imagination, but it works nicely).

Execute takeovers.

Do you have a local influencer or a favorite client to whom you would hand over your account? Give them the Instagram keys when engaging for a day with your brand, contributing to the story as they go.

For instance, for a day-breakfast, a day out, in their bed, dinner, and a thank you at check out-you run a hotel, and a guest posts to your story.

How to turn a story into a highlight for you?

When you have a story live, adding it as a highlight to your profile page is very easy. This means that for people who land on your profile page, your story will remain perpetually.

Select 'New' and then tap the number of photos and videos you wish to add to the highlight. You will keep track of how many viewers have seen the highlight as a regular story in the same way.

You can use the edit function by clicking on the story and then on the three dots to change the highlighted name, erase photos, and add a custom cover if you wish.


You can use instagram story download to download different stories posted by several users. You can even download it and view other posts offline. It is going to be really helpful for you! Open igstories and enjoy Instagramming!

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