Schools in Sion Bestow Bright Educational Opportunities

Posted by arun on May 28th, 2015

Every child is entitled to get a good education, so that he can turn out into a good citizen of the country. The schools in the country ensure that each student gets excellent academic training as well as all round growths so that the objective of education is achieved in every possible way. Mumbai is the city known for having the best of the schools in the country and Sion is amongst the chief educational hubs in the city. There are a large number of ICSE as well as CBSE schools in Sion, which are widely acclaimed around the city and parents want their children to get admission here so that they can be transformed into complete citizens.

Trained Staff and Excellent Infrastructure

Most of the Schools in Sion are reputed for having the best facilities for overall growth and development of its students. The students are not only polished in the academic field, but stress is also laid on cultural, sports and other Co curricular activities, so that there is overall growth and all round development of the students. The schools focus on the development of academic skills as well as the personality of each of its pupils, and work hard in this direction in order to achieve excellent results. For this purpose, the schools ensure that no compromise is made with the quality of education and extra-curricular activities are made here. The schools lay stress on recruiting trained staff for providing the best education to the students. Additionally, regular workshops are held to polish their existing skills as well as develop new ones in them. Great attention is also paid to the infrastructural development of the schools, so that the students get the best of facilities such as well equipped laboratories and libraries, playgrounds and cultural centers. Another important thing is to make education affordable so that no student is deprived of the basic right to education.

Outstanding Results with a Large Number of Board Toppers

Schools of Sion have been able to live up to their name by churning out a large number of board toppers, whether we talk about ICSE or CBSE. It is the outstanding results in the board examinations, which make these ICSE and CBSE schools in Sion the top choice for parents as well as students in the city. Overall, the students of these schools have performed consistently in the board exams over the last few years. The credit of these wonderful results goes the dedication and commitment of the staff as well as the untiring labor of the students. Not only the children have shown amazing performances, but they have also come out with excellent moral values and polished characters, which is the true yardstick of success of any educational institution.

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