How RFID can be used in the School Bus Tracking System?

Posted by Aaeesha on May 28th, 2015

Safety is of the utmost concern, especially when it comes to school children. School management, parents and even school contractors are looking for new and more efficient methods to enhance the school bus tracking system. RFID for schools is a new concept that is gaining popularity not only among the parents, but also among the school managements. Before we take a look of how RFID works in a school bus tracking system, let’s take a look at this advanced technology. 

What is RFID?

An acronym of Radio-Frequency Identification, RFID is a technology that uses radio signals to identify the presence and exact location of any object. This technology was first used to track the movement of cattle in large ranches. Now, it finds use in a number of applications in our daily life. Are you wondering if RFID is a replacement for bar codes? No, a bar code is a digital signature for a particular product, whereas RFID lets you know where exactly the product is located. Thanks to its ease of deployment in various fields, RFID school bus tracking system has now become a reality. 

How does RFID work?

An RFID tag is integrated into a product. This tag has an integrated circuit (IC) and antennae. The IC stores and processes information, and sends data in the form of a radio frequency. Some RFID tags have batteries while others don’t. The type of tag used depends on its application. A transponder that combines a radio receiver and transmitter can be used to track the radio frequency emitted by the tag. In the layman’s language, this transponder is called a tag reader.

What are the Uses of RFID?

From malls to schools, RFID for schools are used for a number of purposes. This technology especially comes handy in tracking school bus movement across the city. These tags are now being used in passports, pet animal collars, toll payment cards and more.

Why should You Use RFID School Bus Tracking System?

Now that we’ve seen the basic functioning and benefits of RFID school bus tracking system for schools, there is no doubt that this technology should be used in school vehicles. The first and most important reason is safety. The school management will be able to keep track of the vehicle movement from when it leaves the school premises till it reaches the children’s drop points or vice versa. So, if there is any delay due to traffic jams or any other emergency, parents can be immediately notified and alternate arrangements can be made. Plus, RFID can be integrated into the school attendance system, so the teacher will be able to immediately identify when the child gets into school bus, leaving no space for mal practices.

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