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Posted by custommadebeanies on May 29th, 2015

The use of promotional headwear for business isn't a new concept however the unique twists employed in the method and the materials used, helps to establish free walking "billboards" all year round! Who wouldn't want to own that? The coolest thing is that most of the people wearing such promotional headwear often tend to forget the corporate identities decorated on them but the people who see them rarely do.

They have subliminal power that slowly plays in the back of their minds and may come out as afterthoughts once they notice your company. This creates substantial impact because you may have no idea how far and wide a person wearing your custom woven winter hat may travel in a year and also the people they meet, which could be a handful lot.

Take an example, some people are inclined to wear tuques throughout the winter season while others will tend to wear them every time there's chilly weather (such as at night, rainy days) as long as the hat is still in useful condition, even if that means a few years to come. To better understand how this concept works so as to apply it, (like in the case of tuques) you have to first ask yourself, does my brand tuque appeal to my target audience?

Tuques are simply comfortable cold weather hats that keep the head warm and are easy to wash and are mostly made from acrylic material. These types of hats can be won by people across all ages and genders which in a way makes them more effective promotional tools than traditional caps which are predominantly designed for men – although women can still wear them but mostly do so occasionally.

To use them for promotional purposes, a logo is needed to be emblazoned on the hat with a catchy business name (if necessary) all made in an outstanding, noticeable fashion for the promotional goal to be a hit without losing the eye appeal.

You could also use a knit beanie with pom which most people find to be quite comfortable because it accommodates accessories that safeguards the head while encompassing the surrounding parts. In reality, whatever you choose to use to promote your brand, the hat must be able to deliver a clear message. Also, you must blend it with your official colors and an appropriate logo that can easily be identified from a far. Keep in mind that if you've commissioned a company to do this for you, be sure to ask for a final version before it is officially done.

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