Ultimate Backcountry Snowboarding Tips For Brave Thrill Seekers

Posted by custommadebeanies on May 29th, 2015

Backcountry Snowboarding is the most extreme snowboarding experience in a natural setting and it’s definitely not for everyone due to the inherent dangers involved. The true nature of the terrain is also largely unpredictable while it’s quite hard to know what lies beneath the powdery surface. Avalanches are quite a common occurrence and skiers lose their lives or become permanently impaired. So what do you need to get started in such an extreme sport?

Travel Essentials

You’re obliged to be well prepared with all of your necessary effects that you must take with you and never underestimate going into backcountry because it’s full of surprises. These effects may include:

  • A transceiver - make sure that you get one and learn how it works, don't just carry one without even knowing how to use it because it may not be of any help if trouble comes

  • Emergency warm layer apparel - This is necessary lest something happens

  • First aid box

  • Shovel

  • Food and Water

  • Avalanche probe

  • Backpack to contain all the items

  • Fire making tools to generate warmth

  • Safety Helmet with sunglasses

  • Your snowboard

  • An experienced snowboarding partner

Since climbing is going to be a tiring and exhausting task, you need to start by wearing discrete clothingbecause if the wind gains momentum you'll need warm layer apparel to wrap yourself in.

Don’t be a lone ranger

While Backcountry Snowboarding can give you a cool experience, it can also be a nasty death trap which is why you need to always have someone with you. Avalanches, steep descents, crevasses and rocks are known to claim lives hence you should never take a chance of going it alone.

Choose an experienced partner and say where you’re going

Before you leave, always make sure that you tell someone else where you’re going and your expected point of return. It’s so critical that you take an experienced partner in backcountry snowboarding who must also know the ways around backcountry terrains as much as possible.

Physical fitness is paramount

Being fit is the foundation of most sports and backcountry snowboarding is not an exception. You will experience a lot of walking, hiking and climbing before you can even snowboard as there are no roads or lifts to get you up there. In fact, you'll be required to spend time in the gym and do some running months before in order to build up stamina.

Strive to be a great snowboarder

Before you take your snowboard to the backcountry, you definitely need to really know your stuff. You must be able to snowboard and maintain great balance. All these take great practice.

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