Importance Of Urgent Handicare Stairlift Repair in Baltimore and Bel Air, MD

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on March 29th, 2021

It is indeed challenging to live in one's home with limited mobility. Having to depend on caregivers or family members to access a room on the upper floor or visit the basement to check out old items that have been stored there for years makes one uncomfortable and depressed. It need not be so, though. One can always choose to install a good quality stairlift of a reputed brand to solve this issue. Unfortunately, even the best machinery undergoes wear and tear. Long and continuous usage of the lift can result in damage of specific components due to poor maintenance as well. So, the user may have to ensure timely Acorn stairlift repair in Fairfax and Baltimore, VA, so that the homeowner does not have to live with restricted mobility.

Minor faults may be fixed by the user itself, while more severe damages require a professional technician's involvement. However, it is advisable to remain aware of the tell-tale indications that point to the urgency of the situation necessitating urgent repairs. It is essential to note the following signs and place a call to the nearest service center or manufacturer for proceeding with the required repairs and replacement of parts:

· Stairlift Stalls midway and stops progressing- It could happen while going up or down the stairs but of particular concern is that it stops when going upwards. It is an indication of something being amiss with the internal batteries. The only way to solve this problem would be to call for professional service. The technician would be sure to check the circuitry and replace the batteries if needed. The power supply, along with the charging capacity and safety system, would also be inspected thoroughly.

· Unusual Noises- It becomes rather annoying to hear a kind of chirping noise emanating from the stairlift. It is a beep in some popular brands as well. Well, this is a warning signal that tells the user that the batteries are not being charged. A lack of power in the outlet or a faulty power system can also cause the beeping or chirping sound to emit from the lift. This is easy to fix with the stairlift operating perfectly when the batteries get recharged. However, one may have to contact an experienced technician if the associated sounds persist.

· Scrapping Sound- A grunting sound or something that sounds similar to scrapping the end of a barrel is not a good sign. It indicates a severe disorder. It can mean several malfunctioning parts depending on the specific model of the stairlift. It could well indicate a misalignment of the internal components or a worn-out roller that may need replacement.

· Cracked / Broken Parts- A stairlift may continue to function with broken parts. Trying to use a damaged lift can be extremely dangerous, with an increased chance of accidents. It is best to remedy the situation by ensuring speedy repairs.

The presence of black or grey colored dust lying on the seat and exposed wiring requires immediate Handicare stairlift repair in Baltimore and Bel Air, MD.

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