Ground Gained in America?s War on Cancer

Posted by Southlakeoncology on May 29th, 2015

Early detection, better treatments and awareness efforts are all playing a part in helping America gain ground in its continued battled against cancer. The latest numbers show a reduction in overall cancer-related deaths, but the good news doesn’t mean complacency is allowed.

The positive news comes from a new report published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The report reveals an overall decline in cancer deaths of about 1.5 percent a year between 2002 and 2011. Researchers also broke out the numbers by gender and age to an extent. Overall, men have seen a decline in cancer deaths of about 1.8 percent a year between 2002 and 2011. During that period, the percentage of women who died fell about 1.4 percent annually. Children’s cancer-related deaths were also down by about 2 percent a year.

While researchers say the news is cause to celebrate, they warn it is only one victory on the path to winning the war against cancer. Even as deaths have declined and so have incident rates for many types of cancer, the disease is far from eradicated. With that in mind, it is still important for people to:

•    Speak with their physicians about their potential cancer risks and take steps to lower those risks if they are identified. Generally, leading an overall healthy lifestyle while maintaining a healthy weight and steering clear of tobacco can be helpful.
•    Go in for early screening appointments when they are necessary. PSA exams for men and mammograms for women, for example, can be especially helpful in leading to early diagnosis and treatment. This, in turn, can increase chances for survival.
•    Get educated about cancer, its warning signs and when it’s recommended people seek medical advice.

Americans are making great strides in their efforts to battle cancer. Even so, the disease is far from eliminated. With that in mind, it’s critical for people to work closely with their doctors to identify risks and remove those they can while ensuring that early detection protocols are met when they are called for.

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