Accelerometer Transducers Changing Businesses

Posted by eliteinternet on March 30th, 2021

An accelerometer is a transducer. The point of it is to measure the way vibration changes.  Some levels are dangerous! 

A machine that’s vibrating too much is likely to break down or explode.  Either way could be the death of somebody, literally.  It isn’t wise to let machines run to the point of breakdown.  If it doesn’t cost somebody a limb or a life, it will cost you a lot of money down the line.

Today, there are many types of accelerometers on the market: the PE (piezo-electric) accelerometer, the strain measure-based accelerometer, and the MEMS capacitive-based devices.  Servo accelerometers are also on the market.

These accelerometer plans quantify extremely low frequencies down to static, or 'DC' levels (zero Hertz), enabling them to react with the earth's gravitational power of 1g. These devices normally have restricted high g and high recurrence capacity.

The reports are available both in imperial and metric formats.

FUN FACT:  We have good old Isaac Newton to thank for this technology! If that apple had never fallen on his head, giving him some ideas about gravity, then we would not be able to use this amazing technology. 

Accelerometers are used in vibration monitoring systems.  The science side is complicated, but the business side is quite clear. 

Machines that break down cost money. They may injure somebody – that’s an expense.  There’s the halt of the production line – expense.  Calling in a foreman and repair team in the middle of the night – expense!

If you’re into business and economics, you already know the costs are adding up.  To get a grip on some profitability, it’s important to learn about machine vibration:

These accelerometer transducers don’t have to be a puzzle.  You can make sure your machines are running well and cash out at the same time.  Make an investment in machine vibrating systems.

If you still don’t know the difference between the piezo-electrical one and the next, just call a professional who can guide you through it. 

You’ll have a vibration monitoring system (and a profitable business plan) in place before you know it.

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