laminated glass metal mesh

Posted by freemexy on March 30th, 2021

laminated glass metal mesh, also called safety wired glass or Wire mesh glass,is composed of glass and metal mesh materials. The metal mesh materials can be woven wire drapery, metal mesh curtain, decorative wire mesh or other metal materials. It is formed through a special craft. When the glass is in a semi-molten state, machines will compress the glass and wire mesh through metal rollers, and then wire meshes laminated glass is formed. This translucent decorative creates a hazy beauty and meets your aesthetic needs. Most importantly, as the new standards of technology have become to ensure the security conditions of buildings, wired glass is produced to offer safety guarantee for us.To get more news about wire mesh laminated glass, you can visit official website.

Metal mesh laminated glass is a special kind of laminated glass.Compared with common laminated glass,wire laminated glass has cooper wire, steel wire in the EVA inter layer. So wire laminated glass has all the features of laminated glass,such as safety, pressure and sound insulation, energy-saving. Besides, wire laminated glass has various visual effects and senses.

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