WoW Charity Pet Program Goes Live

Posted by freemexy on March 30th, 2021

World of Warcraft announced its 2021 Charity Pet Program is now live, which will feature a stretch goal that could introduce a brand new game mechanic to the MMORPG if players meet it. World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMORPG games ever created, and features a number of different events each year that range from in-game updates based on holidays to programs like the Charity Pet Program initiative, which aims to support organizations with fundraising that rewards players with cosmetic options.To get more news about buy wow gold safe, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

During BlizzConline earlier this year, Blizzard revealed plans for World of Warcraft's upcoming year, which included laying out some of the information for the upcoming 2021 Charity Pet Program. On top of that initiative, World of Warcraft details about its upcoming story beats - including the next chapter in the on-going Sylvanas Windrunner saga and more end-game raid teases - which helped set the stage for what should be an important year in the on-going Warcraft narrative.

Today, Blizzard officially launched the 2021 Charity Pet Program in World of Warcraft, which will unlock up to two different in-game pets based on stretch goals. One, Daisy the Sloth - the million USD stretch goal - would introduce a brand new mechanic to the MMORPG, giving players a pet that can ride on their back as they're playing for the first time ever. The other bet, Bananas, is a previously available pet from The Burning Crusade that will now be more widely available to players should they meet the 0,000 USD stretch goal. Bananas is the son of King Mukla, another notable WoW character who has also featured on their own Hearthstone card.

Having a pet ride on the back of players isn't going to break the game or radically change the World of Warcraft experience, but it is a nice bonus incentive to further get players motivated to support charity. The 2021 WoW Charity Pet Program runs from March 18, 2021 to April 26, 2021 (or until the program's final stretch goal is hit) and will support Doctors Without Borders, contributing to the organization's global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ultimately, after a trying 2020 that saw games like World of Warcraft and Animal Crossing: New Horizons serve as meaningful gathering places for family and friends, there probably didn't need to be much extra incentive to get players to support charity organizations working with those platforms. Still, the Daisy the Sloth stretch goal is a great bonus for those already supporting a good cause, and finding a way to introduce something that feels impactful and new while remaining a cosmetic option only is certainly going to be appreciated in a game that's over 15 years old.

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