Digital printing presses are divided into four categories according to technical

Posted by diginbronghua on March 30th, 2021

Digital printing machine, also known as universal flatbed printer or flatbed printer, breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, and realizes the real one-sheet printing, no plate making, and full-color image completion at one time. It is a replacement product of the traditional printing machine. According to different uses, digital printing equipment can be divided into industrial and office digital printing machines (also known as digital printing all-in-one machines).

The predecessor of the office digital printing machine is the digital printer; while the industrial digital printing machine inherits more of the ink transmission method and mechanical design of traditional printing equipment, and truly enables the digital printing machine to realize commercial printing.

According to the different technology sources, the existing digital printing equipment on the market can be divided into four categories as a whole.

1, digital multifunction machine (developed based on printer technology). This printer is the backbone of office printing presses. The working principle is roughly the same as that of digital printing all-in-ones, but since there is no high-speed laser printer core technology (except Canon and Xerox all-in-ones), such machines can only compete with fax machines and ordinary printers.

2. Digital printing machine (developed from printing machine technology, digital technology and electronic ink technology). Digital printing machine is the representative product of modern high-speed digital printing equipment. As the world's first digital printing equipment manufacturer using electronic ink technology, HP's INDIGO model is a classic among classics.

3. Large-scale digital printing presses (developed from printing press technology plus digital technology and on-machine direct plate making technology). This type of printing machine is more industrialized than the digital printing machine. The most typical example is the DI series digital printing machine developed by the traditional printing equipment giant-Heidelberg Company.

4. Digital printing all-in-one machine (developed from copier technology plus digital technology). The equipment has changed from the previous single output equipment to the integrated digital input and output equipment. The equipment is easy to operate and the working environment is clean; the batch printing service system becomes a reality and the user is more convenient; the system is low in cost and has strong competitiveness . These advantages are likely to allow it to dominate the office printing equipment market.

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