Things To Consider Before Replacing Garage Door Springs

Posted by Secure for Sure on March 30th, 2021

Do you know what is one of the critical parts of a garage door? It is spring. Many ignore the presence and the functions of garage door springs until they are broken. Once you found them broken, the door will stop opening, and your car will get stuck inside the garage.

Whenever you face this problem, you can replace the springs yourself or can call a pro. If you are not a techie person, then it's better to avoid DIY activities and give a call to the service center. 

If you opt for a DIY project, you will save few bucks, but calling a pro will save the garage from unnecessary hazards. If you want to repair yourself, you need to understand the parts of the springs for garage door spring replacement. Want to try DIY? Then first, learn about the types of springs used in garage doors.

Different type of springs

Before you opt for replacing the garage door springs, you must understand the types of springs. Many the garage door springs come under two main category – Torsion Springs and Extension Spring

Extension spring: - The springs are long and skinny, and these are placed equivalent to the garage door’s horizontal track. These springs are also categorized into three types- open-looped extension spring, double-looped extension springs, and clipped-end extension spring.

The open-looped springs are the weakest among all. The double-looped springs are stronger than open-looped, and they are featured with two coils. The clipped-end extension spring is the strongest and durable. These springs are often used in garage doors. This category of springs lasts long.

Torsion spring: - You will notice that a garage door contains one to four torsion springs. The number of springs depends on the weight, size, and strength of the door. These springs are placed on the metal shaft on the door. These springs are broad in shape.

Torsion springs are also divided into the following categories: -

• Standard torsion spring: - These are mainly used on residential garage doors. These are best for lightweight doors.

•  Early-set torsion springs: - These are placed in the middle of the torsion shaft. These works are similar to the Standard torsion spring.

• Steel rolling door torsion springs: - Steel rolling-door torsion springs are used mainly in commercial and industrial garage doors.

• Torque-master torsion springs: These are attached to the torsion shaft.

Among those above springs, extension springs are mostly used in residential garage doors. Hence, an owner of a residential garage door must understand the details of it before replacing them. Want more about the garage springs to make the replacement on your own? Then for the first time, take the help of a professional expert of a reputed company to guide you. If you are not confident about managing It on your own, please do not try. Call the experts to fix the problem as that will be a better and affordable choice for you. Do check the company's reputation before you hire them for the service.

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