Carpet Overlooking ? What You Need To Know About Edging & Resizing

Posted by Mohammed Israfil on May 30th, 2015

Carpets are essential items for decorating the home interiors. They are available in different size, shape, and design. Carpet Resizing is often done to make it fit perfectly within the home interior.

Carpet comes in standard widths of 3.6 or 4m wide. Sometimes you may end up with a lot of off cuts or none at all. Usually when carpet gets laid in a house you will end up with many off cuts, this is due to irregular size and shaped rooms. The hallway runners are more popular and come in dimension of 67 cm by 80 cm. They are basically 20-30 meters long and definitely require overlocking for those perfect fittings while preventing fraying of the ends.

What is the reason behind using off cuts for the carpets?

The most common scenario to use off cuts is to prolong the life of the newly purchased carpets in areas of high traffic. Off cuts are mostly places on wooden floor areas like doorways, activity rooms, hallways, living rooms, etc. These off cuts offer perfect protection to the wooden flooring and also add to the warmth.

The need for hallway runner rugs

You may notice that many homes feature tiled floors or wooden floors. Placing hallway rugs not only helps in creating a smart outlook but also adds warmth to the floor area. Also, these rugs protect the floors from any necessary damage. Hallway rugs are also perfect addition to kitchen floor since they minimize the sound echoing effect and offer warmth to the feet while walking around the area. 

The exact way to carpet overlocking

The process, although a popular and common one, is carried out using a certain sewing machine. This machine is often termed as Carpet Overlocker. Overlocking a yarn border approximately 15mm in width can provide a perfect finish to the carpet remnant and will also prevent the item from fraying.  

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