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Posted by Johny Dean on May 30th, 2015

As trivial as it may sound to some, cleanliness is an issue which cannot be neglected in an office. While many companies still have janitors employed to take care of these aspects, others prefer to hire external services. Is it more advantageous to call professional cleaners Inverurie than to pay monthly salaries to the old fashioned cleaning ladies?

The main advantages to having one or several permanent janitors – depending on the surface that needs to be taken care of – is that you have someone there constantly, not only one, two or three times a week, according to the schedule you could establish with an enterprise that provides cleaners Ellon. And besides the regular cleaning, there are many unexpected situations in which the help of a professional cleaner could be required: when something is spilled or a glass breaks or during a rainy day. Nevertheless, there might also be many situations in which your permanent employers do not actually have much to do. Once they finish their tasks, they are obliged to remain in the office until 5 p.m. or later, according to the contract, although there are no activities in which they have to engage. From this point of view, externally contracted cleaners Inverurie are a better option: they stay in the office as long as it takes them to do their job and they get paid accordingly.

Another aspect which you should consider is related to the cleaning products. When you hire permanent janitors, your employees need to take care of the supplies as well. Such aspects are simply something more to worry about, when you could simply let someone else be preoccupied by all these things. Instead of making sure that the janitors have all the equipment and products required to perform their duties, you can hire a company that offers cleaners Ellon and let them take care of everything. Since they specialize in the domain, dedicated cleaners Inverurie will also use only professional products, safe and eco-friendly, while a regular employer who would take care of these supplies might not have the knowledge or show the interest in choosing the best products. Moreover, they probably have the highest-quality equipment, which means that the cleaning will be well thorough.

The upside of hiring external cleaners Ellon is that you will benefit from truly professional services. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the work that is provided, you can simply stop the collaboration with the company and get in touch with a new one. Unlike firing a permanent employee, which can be quite tricky, you can easily give up to the services of an enterprise and start looking for a different one. Of course, it can depend on the contract that you will have signed, but as long as you pay attention to what it is written on the contract and ask the enterprise to modify the conditions which are not convenient for you, you should be able to give up their services if anything goes wrong. All in all, calling professional cleaners Inverurie on a regular basis instead of employing a permanent janitor seems more convenient.

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