Kick Start Your Career with These Astrological Remedies

Posted by Hirdeyjeet Singh on March 30th, 2021

Are you confused about where your career is heading? Do you want to see stable growth in your current job or business? There are many effective and easy astrological remedies that can be followed in order to do well in your career. Here are some of them listed for you:

Houses to be judged for a career or profession

In astrology, the 10th house refers to a career or professional life. With that in mind, most people restrict career only with the 10th house, but it is a premature conclusion. The 2nd house rules earning or source of income and the 11th house rules the source of gains, which are also an important factor in deciding a career. So when it comes to a career following house should be analyzed:

10th house for nature of the job

2nd house for the source of income

11th house for the source of gain

7th house for partnership (in case of a business with a partnership)

Planets concerning the different profession

Each planet indicates the key profession and influence of a particular planet in the 10th, 2nd, and 11th houses. It also indicates the area of profession one will likely do. Below are the planets and their corresponding high-level profession:

Mercury – Scientist, engineers, writers, journalist, publisher, accountants, bankers

Venus – Artists, creative workers, fashion designers, architects, automobile owners

Sun, Moon, Mars – Government services; sun for administration, the moon for people service, and mars for the military and police

Saturn – Hardworking jobs

Rahu & Ketu – Routine jobs

Jupiter – Philosopher, , spiritual activist, lawyers & judges, etc

The above-mentioned are just high-level indicators as the planetary conjunction will give different results. For example, the Moon and Mars conjunction will give a career in electrical engineering or business-related to liquids

Gemstone to Attract Success 

Gemstones are a source to boost positivity, optimism in a person. People often wear Gems to attract wealth, fortune as well as to compliment the beauty as an ornament. According to the best Astrologers of India, when a person wears the right Gemstone for it adds to all the positive aspects of their life and mitigates negativity. Similarly, on the basis of your Horoscope Analysis with your birth details, you can wear Gemstone for career-related problems.

Here are the best Gemstones to attract success–

Red Coral (Moonga)






Tiger Eye


Green Jade

Black Tourmaline

Apart from gemstones and all other astrological remedies mentioned above, you can get in touch with Astrowize’s ace experts to seek help in boosting your career. Predicting one’s career is the most challenging job for an astrologer. The above-mentioned are just high-level rules. Our astrologers will study many other aspects that influence from time to time to conclude the result.

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