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Posted by Kruti Shah on March 30th, 2021

Women’s have broken their age old shackles and they have set their footprints on all those places which were considered to be male centric. The line between male jobs and female jobs have lost its traces and there exist no field of study where a female couldn’t stand strong. This list isn’t exhaustive but lists down all those career that are dominated by females.

  1. Teaching

Teaching has been associated with women since a long time. And while, the title teacher doesn’t specifically require gender specifications, females are much better with kids than their male counterpart. Hence, the proportion of female teachers in school will always remain high. Besides, teaching is a stable career and compared to corporates, the work environment in teaching isn’t high paced.

  1. Human Resource

Human Resource is another of an emergent field which holds significant proportion of females. The job of HR allows an individual to taste the sweet nectar of corporate. High level of human interaction is involved in this job role and females gets to maintain a balance between their professional life and personal duties.

  1. Public relation

The field of Public relation has grown tremendously. However, the proportion of males in this exceptional field of media is substantially less. Females are the queens of PR and an individual with a knack for creating writing and marketing solutions must look forward to establish their career as PR specialist.

  1. Hospitality jobs

From aviation to hotel management, jobs in hospitality are dynamic and exciting in nature. Hospitality industry is amongst the top industries that houses large proportion of women. Be it culinary arts, hotel management, Relationship manager or air hostess, there are plethora of job alternatives for women to succeed in hospitality career.

  1. Image consultant

Corporates are growing manifolds and there has been a sizable increase in the demand for Image consultants across world. Women’s in general possess excellent soft skills and mannerism. Large corporate trainings are conducted by such image consultants. This field of career shows promising growth for females.

  1. IT

There is nothing that a women cannot excel at. Technology has embedded in our lives and there has been continuous increment in the IT industries across world. Women’s have found its place in this high paced work environment. IT undoubtedly offers best compensation packages and offers opportunities for tremendous growth.

  1. Designing

Fields of designing be it Interiors or fashion, have seen a proportionate growth of females in it. Females tend to have more artistic abilities and designing being a creative field attracts women at large. This field allows you to perform at your own autonomy ad offers high prospect for growth.

There are no limitations known to female achievements. Females who were once an excellent homemaker, are prospering today in all the spheres of work.

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