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Posted by John on May 31st, 2015

Are you looking to safeguard your new concrete ground? Perhaps you want to create your garage, patio, driveway or counter top look just like possible. If so, you need to ensure to apply a cement sealer.

A best stamped concrete sealer provides protection from stains, splits, abrasion, chemicals and climate. In addition, a sealer can provide a nice shiny gloss towards the concrete, giving it which nice "wet look".

To get the most out of the sealer, you want to ensure you apply it properly. This article will demonstrate to apply a cement sealer in a clear to see, step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1. Before beginning. There are certain things to bear in mind before starting sealer for stamped concrete:

If your own concrete floor is newly poured, allow ample time for this to fully cure.
Make certain no rain is within the forecast for the next twenty four hours.
Ideal temperatures should end up being between 60-80 degrees FARRENHEIT.
Plan on applying each morning or early afternoon.

2. Safety first. Please study all manufacturer's labels as well as instructions. Each type of concrete sealer might have different or special directions, such as length associated with drying time. Also, a few of these chemicals may be hazardous for your health. You want to prevent getting the chemicals in your skin, eyes and lung area. Wear the right clothes, goggles and a respirator in the event that necessary.

Step 3. Ready your concrete floor. A good sealer application begins having a good floor to put it on on. A good ground means a clean ground. Begin by sweeping the actual concrete of any dirt and debris. Next, if you will find stains, use a concrete stain remover to eliminate them. A vinegar and drinking water solution may work just in addition to a commercial stain remover. Finally, tape off any encircling walls or areas that you don't want sealer to access it.

Step 4. Wait before concrete is dry. It is very important that your concrete is dry before you decide to applying sealer. Wet concrete won't allow the sealer in order to penetrate and cure completely. To test for dampness, tape a piece of plastic within the concrete, wait a day and find out if moisture is contained in the plastic.

Step 5. Utilize sealer. Make sure you've read and understood any kind of special manufacturer instructions. Plan ahead where you'll start and end. You do not want to trap yourself right into a corner since you don't wish to walk over fresh sealer. You should use a roller, a sprayer or a mix of both to apply the actual sealer. Make sure you learn how to use these tools. Most large concrete floors for example driveways or garages tend to be partitioned into distinct areas. It is a wise decision to apply the sealer to one section at any given time. Remember this rule: 2, even layers of sealer are preferable to one thick heavy layer.

Step 6. Allow your own sealer to dry. After you have two even coats of sealer in your acid stained concrete floors, it is important to permit the sealer to dry fully in order that it can cure properly. General guideline would be to wait from 6 in order to 12 hours before allowing foot traffic or more to 48 hours till car traffic.

Step 7. Value your protected, beautiful cement floor! Take a step back again and admire your effort.

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