5 Slow Kratom Strains to Try and Why

Posted by Happy Hippo on March 30th, 2021

Whether you are looking for a new slow kratom strain to try or are just getting into the kratom lifestyle, slow kratom can help you relieve discomfort, among other benefits. However, you need to know which strains are associated with which benefits, such as Gold Bali kratom, which provides some relief, though a little less than other strains, with the tradeoff that it doesn’t reduce energy as much. Here are some of the slow strains you should try.

Green Bali for Comfy Vibes

If you are looking for comfy vibes, you want Green Bali kratom. Many new kratom users have had low-quality Bali strains, souring their kratom experience. Make sure you find high-quality Green Bali, and you will be able to kick your feet up and get comfortable. It’s perfect for after work or the weekends. It’s also perfect for creating combinations with other strains.

Gold Bali for Physical Discomfort Relief

Gold Bali is the slow kratom strain you want when you are looking for physical discomfort relief. It’s on the high end of the slow strains, meaning you won’t have nearly the reduction in energy levels associated with most slow kratom strains. This can result in a subtler benefit to address physical discomfort than what can be found with other slow strains, however, so consider your needs. If you need physical discomfort relief but can’t sacrifice energy, Gold Bali is what you should try.

Red Kali for Laid-Back Vibes

If you are looking for a way to get laid-back, peaceful, carefree vibes, you want Red Kali kratom. It’s also able to help provide exceptional relief. The combined relief and mood boost can make everyday life that much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Red Bali for an Uplifting Mood

Are you looking for the kratom strain that provides the most physical discomfort relief? Then Red Bali is the strain for you. When energy isn’t a concern, but physical discomfort is, turn to Red Bali. It can also help with an uplifting mood, making this the happiest Bali kratom strain.

Red Hulu for Peace of Mind

When you just need the feeling of a comforting, warm hug, Red Hulu kratom is the strain for you. It can help get you the peace of mind you need after a long day of work. With long-lasting effects that will help soothe both body and mind, it’s one of the slowest strains around. Red Hulu has different alkaloids than Maeng Da, Bali, and Thai strains, meaning it hits different receptors and is perfect for rotating.

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