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Posted by sandeepw on March 30th, 2021

There are online classes specially designed for kids in Grade 7 - 12. The classes teach coding concepts, maths and logic to the kids. The online classes are taught using interactive virtual classrooms. The kids are taught using simple examples and projects. This makes learning easy and effective for the kids.

If you want to learn to code then you should check out the online classes available. To take the online class all that is required is a computer and an internet connection. There are online classes customized as per age and there are classes for kids in Grade 7 - 12.

The online classes are taught by expert teachers using next-generation virtual classrooms. The kids are taught the fundamentals of coding using simple programming languages. The kids coding classes teach the kids logical programming and at the end of the classes, the kids will be able to write simple computer codes.

The classes teach the kids through examples in games, maths problem solving and more. The online classes follow a project-based curriculum and teach the kids about real-world applications.

Details of the online kids coding classes (Grade 7 - 12)
The following topics are taught in the online classes:

  • Artificial Intelligence with JavaScript
    The kids are taught coding using JavaScript and how to build intelligent chatbots. The kids also learn Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.
  • 3D Coding and Virtual Reality
    The kids learn to design, code and publish 3D games. The kids are taught in-depth coding with JavaScript. The kids are taught to publish their work as augmented reality apps.
  • Web development
    The kids are taught to create webpages using HTML/CSS. The kids learn to build their own websites and multi-pages websites and the features of e-commerce systems.
  • Artificial Intelligence with Python
    The kids are taught to build games and math apps using the Python programming language. The kids learn about neural networks and computer vision.

There are three levels of courses namely the Beginner course, the Advanced course and the Mastery course. The Beginners course is of 36 online sessions, the Advanced course is of 72 online sessions and the Mastery course is of 144 online sessions. The kids new to coding should begin with the basic course which is the Beginners course.

Once the kids enroll in the online class they get free access to many websites, apps and webinars. The kids can earn reward points by helping other kids and by participating in the quizzes and the contests held during the class. The kids can earn reward points and top the class.

The author is a blogger and likes to blog about the various courses available in the coding field. The author has currently discussed the kids coding classes for Grade 7 -12.

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