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Posted by Warner Schwartz on March 30th, 2021

Lederer was a famous American screenwriter and film director who wrote screenplays like the original “Oceans 11” with Frank Sinatra, “Mutiny on the Bounty” with Marlin Brando, and "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" starring Marilyn Monroe. Because we are on a mission to provide you and your family with the best Christian movies of all time – at a nominal rate that your family can afford. Today ICVM is a consortium of producers and distributors making a difference in the world through visual media. Beyond the excellent production quality and the masterful way the filmmakers chose to tell the story, the documentary includes real footage from local television stations that add a splash of startling authenticity. Tell the story, and the film comes to life; tell the story well, and hearts are moved. If you’re thinking that elements of a good film would be excellent shot-making, superior writing, exceptional acting, flawless editing, and pristine sound, then you’re not really thinking this through. We could make a list of movies that are revered, but suck at many of these elements. If your film was good, it wouldn’t matter how long the jib move was, or if you were twelve minutes instead of ten. If it’s good, the judging gods will push other films out of the way and program yours. Each filmmaker explained that their process began with an earnest pursuit of evangelism, and an honest evaluation of the Holy Spirit’s guidance on their project. In other words, at some point in each of our lives, we’ve all been the dark character in the hoodie. We’ve all sabotaged, ruined, or literally ended someone’s life. But just like the story of Exodus, the story of each of our lives is not meant to point to how evil we are. Our lives are meant to point to Jesus Christ, and God’s deliverance from the evil in our lives. From box office hits to under-the-radar titles worth watching, Netflix has more than a dozen Christian movies on its platform. Find some wholesome Christian movies to watch with the whole family on Netflix this year! Netflix has thousands of titles in its catalog – some good, some bad, and many somewhere in between. A packaged parcel of the favourite shorts we saw this week. Support public media by becoming a member of THIRTEEN. Use the member benefit THIRTEEN Passport for extended, on-demand streaming access to years of PBS and THIRTEEN series and films. Classic and indie films that can be impossible to find on any streaming service are broadcast nearly every Saturday without commercials onReel 13. For the film buffs tuning in, pithy context for each movie is provided by co-host Richard Peña, film professor at Columbia Global Centers School of the Arts and former longtime director of the New York Film Festival. If you haven’t been here in a while, you might be surprised by the great actors and films on THIRTEEN. Learn about the films with Anya Taylor-Joy, Jessie Buckley, Josh O’Connor, and Holland Taylor, the casual conversations between Oscar-nominated actors, and other must-see television episodes, below. There are literally thousands of documentaries, educational videos, and the best Christian movies to choose from. And with your subscription and support, we will continue to add new programming to our channel. Try us out for 30 days, and if for any reason, you decide not to continue with us, simply cancel your membership on the website or send us fear not an email at Your subscriptions and donations enable Christian filmmakers to continue making quality programming that feeds the hearts and souls of our families rather than exposing them to sex, violence, and negative shows and movies. With your support, we can continue to grow and become a real alternative to secular streaming movie channels. The film centers around a Yugarabul mother and her young daughter, who is taken from home to live in an Christian mission which intends to erase Aboriginal culture in Australia. The power of storytelling lies in its unique ability to penetrate every layer of being, reaching beyond the physical layer to reshape and readdress emotional and spiritual wounds. Our awareness of the vital importance of emotional and spiritual healing for Indigenous Peoples around the world grew immensely after engagement with several films in this year’s festival. A selection of films from this year’s offerings remind viewers that there is power in both exposing as well as reclaiming history. These films show us that when the voices of Indigenous Peoples are amplified, healing can take place. We currently have personal use licenses, small group licenses, and church licenses for these films. For more information about what each license entails, view ourLicensing Page. There are no unnecessary dramas; no heavy exchange of dialogues; Joseph and Evan are introduced to one another in the shortest and briefest possible way conceivable. Director/Writer John Hopper doesn’t believe in wasting his frames. He remains rooted in the theme of the film throughout; that of Jesus and his life’s teachings. As the two main characters walk away from the unpleasant and near-death experience for one of them, they begin to reveal their life’s journeys. Stop looking at a watch or worrying about theatrical release. Narrative films and filmmakers are still wrestling with voice, character and plot, especially features. Music is an integral part of film which actually predates the spoken word in the history of film. As critical a part as it plays, filmmakers will find they are almost instantly in a bind when it comes to music. Being pro-life means being an advocate for all life and for the dignity of every person. LIFE Week offers a critical opportunity for Students for Life to help expand the focus of the pro-life movement. Well my 2-piece band, Bubblegun, is reuniting next month, so I'll be diving into some music with Jeff Sebens. But we will also be catching up and laughing in onesies. I also just began playing music with Trey Donovan who plays electric cello beautifully with distortion pedals and such. These don’t stream on THIRTEEN, so be sure to tune-in to watch these films on television. Check the THIRTEEN schedule for Reel 13 filmsor receive the Saturday night line-up by email on Wednesdays, bysubscribing to the Reel 13 newsletter. The movie, filmed among in the ruined castles and rolling hills of Scotland, tells the story of ageing knight Sir Maddox on his return from the Crusades. Unable to find his family, Maddox has visions of a woman being held captive by a skull-faced, cobweb-covered black knight. The short film culminates in a dreamlike battle between the weary Maddox and the implacable knight, who appears dark as death itself in a lush forest clearing. What is more, your short films can be seen by a huge number of people. Chris Vlahonasios is the owner of Transfigure Media and founder of the Byazanfest film festival, the world’s only online Orthodox Christian film festival streaming the very best short and feature-length films. Enjoy watching ‘The Alternate’ and subscribe to the brothers’ channel, which features mini-films alongside their bigger works. When you enter your film into a film festival, you have no idea what the judges are looking for. I’m not going to name the film festival, since I don’t know if everything I’ll say is glowing, but with very, very nominal research, you could determine which one it was. I’ve been lustful, self-righteous, jealous, a gossip, desired evil for others, and willfully hurt people with my words and actions.

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