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Successful professionals are fortunate enough to reach a point in their career where they have the privilege to be able to reflect and say “hey, you see, I’m so glad I did that when I was in my 20s and it is paying big time dividends now. On the flip side “I am also like – why did I not consider that years ago,” things could have panned out differently.

When you apply for jobs online and are conducting student job search these things should definitely cross your mind, as this is the time you are laying the groundwork for your career. A rock solid foundation is what is needed early on in your career. You would love us that we have shared the knowledge and techniques with you.

Honestly speaking, when you apply for jobs online for your student job search you do not need to figure out way too many things. Having said that there certainly are a few things that career beginners must heed sooner, not later, for it would be too late by then.

Approach your mentors without fear

Do not hesitate to approach seasoned and successful mentors as you would be able to learn a lot from them. They feel very happy in being able to assist you as they had been in your shoes at one point in time just like you. The best part is they can and will open doors for you in the future at the right time.

Position yourself as a thought leader early on

You are going to benefit enormously by building on expertise, and subsequently establishing yourself as a thought leader. Use social media particularly LinkedIn or start your personal blog to make people aware of your passion and knowledge for your particular field on a regular basis.

This way you will stay top of mind, do so early and stay on people’s radar as an expert, this will help you land plum oppositions should any great opportunity in your area of expertise occur as you will automatically be the first choice of people who really matter.

Take risks while you have the freedom to do so

Oftentimes when you have just started your career you are not burdened with responsibilities or obligations. Small incidental expenses are there but bigger expenses of family and other things are not bogging you down. These are the best years for you to take career risks as you have an expansive run left, in the event you err in which case you will benefit from mulligan, this would not be possible in later years with family children and aging parents among other things pressing down financially and socially.

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