Non-Woven Bags and Printing Your Company's Logo

Posted by JT Supply Marketing on March 31st, 2021

Many retail establishments have found success offering their customers non-woven bags for a variety of purposes. Often used as a tote, they can also make excellent options for gift wrapping. While it isn't necessary to brand everything you sell or giveaway in your store, the more branding you can do, the more your name is going to get out into the ether. If you purchase a selection of quality materials, customers will be using the totes for much more than their original purpose. Years from now, they will still have it in their possession, creating priceless advertising for you on a regular basis. Here's how you can put your logo on the front for maximum exposure. Non Woven Bag

Find a Printer

You have two options when it comes to getting non-woven bags with your logo on the front. Your first option is to find a company that sells both the product and the printing. You're going to have limited choice if you go this route. This is a fairly specialized subgenre, and you may find it easier to simply buy your totes from one supplier and get the printing from a company that handles only that part of the process. That way, also, you don't have to compromise on either end of the project.

Create  the Design

Don't feel as though you have to limit yourself to your current logo. Several retail giants use a special logo for various purposes. You may even want to take a page out of Macy's book and leave your actual name out of the configuration (though this is risky, to say the least). More often than not, however, you will want to go with the branding you've already established. If you embellish it for the purpose of non-woven bags, try to make it fit with your demographic. A curvy woman's silhouette, for instance, probably isn't going to go over that well if your primary demographic is middle aged, religious housewives. Choose something your customers will be proud to display. Non Woven Bag Printing


Some printers are just that-printers. If you feel confident about your design skills, then that may be all you need. If not, though, you should look for a printer that is willing to collaborate with and help their customers come up with design options that pop. Nothing makes a difference in the final product like the input of a professional graphic designer. If you can find one to work with you, your non-woven bags will come out better than you could have hoped.

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