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Posted by rlnenergyservices on June 2nd, 2015

Power failure can be a serious detriment to a project or to a business. Power generators require attention and routine maintenance to prevent a shutdown.

Generator testing and repair is an important part of maintenance. Large industrial generators can last a long time with proper care, and proper care involves skilled technicians performing tests and inspections to ensure that the generator and those who use it adhere to industry standards and guidelines.

Preventing power failure is just like preventative care. Athletes stretch before competing. Dentists have people come in for checkups and cleanings. Skydivers check a parachute and bring an extra. In order to protect projects or businesses, power generators need to be checked for failing mechanisms.

It is vitally important that the person checking the generator has the expertise and regard for safety while taking care of the machine. Plenty of things can go wrong such as electrocution from batteries or from ground wires. Fume inhalation can be a problem if the area isn’t properly ventilated.

If a facility doesn’t have someone on staff that is completely qualified, it is possible to bring a specialist from the outside or to receive training to safely protect from catastrophic failure. Safe prevention is just as important as prevention of a system failure.

When a generator fails, it may become necessary to buy an entirely new machine or to follow up with extremely expensive repairs. The cheapest and least destructive option is still prevention. A failing generator can cause a fire because of oil or gas that becomes too hot.

This is the first and perhaps worst cost. Safety is the deepest concern. The second level of cost upon failure is total repair. The repairs are never simple and never as easy as the checkups. The last cost is replacement. Replacement is most costly and is completely unnecessary if the machine is occasionally managed.

A background cost may be downtime. Living in the dark without electricity is a major issue and can put back projects. If the generator is tied to a budget or timeline, then the budget and the date may be blown away. Generator testing doesn’t have to be difficult and Edmonton power generators can be checked by fully qualified professionals.

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RLN Energy Services is an Edmonton, Alberta based company that specializes in the sale and resale of heavy power equipments. It is a privately held corporation with a team of highly experienced & skilled technicians in mechanical and electrical industries. RLN Energy Services provides sales of various power system equipments that includes natural gas equipments, portable power plants, diesel generator sets, turbine powered equipment & more. Along with the sale of power equipments, they also focus on training specific services for the maintenance, safety, switching operations & associated tools in the industry.

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